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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
UEP-1402 Crafco SS125DC 2004 125 GAL Used
2004 Crafco SS 125 DC for sale, electrically heated hose and air compressor. Don't miss this deal, item is PavementGroup Certified Pre-Owned and includes a 90-day parts warranty. Call us today 518-218-7676!

CEP-4547 Marathon HMT-6600D 2012 3.3 TON
2012 Marathon HMT 6600D 3.3 Ton Oil-Jacketed Hotbox

CEP-4546 Dynapac 2018
2018 Dynapac Vibratory Roller

CER-2312 Reeves Pumper Kettle 300 GAL
300 Gallon Reeves Pumper Kettle

CER-2311 ASE 800 GAL
800 Gallon ASE Asphalt Kettle

UEP-1400 Crafco SS 250 DAC 2012 250 GAL Pre-Owned
2012 Crafco Super Shot 250 DAC for sale. This unit has only 1,250 hours and includes new tires, air compressor, electrically heated hose, and trigger-style applicator wand. This machine has a 250 Gallon tank capacity and forward / reverse agitation. This Crafco is priced right and ready to get to work for your business. Don't miss this great deal! Call PavementGroup today - (518) 218- 7676

CEP-4543 Marathon HMT-4 2001 2 TON
2001 Marathon HMT-4 2 Ton Hotbox

CEP-4542 KM International KM 4-40
KM 4-40 Infrared Asphalt Repair, KM 4000 Hot Box Reclaimer, plus much more, in this HUGE Equipment LOT

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CER-2310 Reeves Reeves 200 200 GAL
200 Gallon Reeves Asphalt Kettle

UER-1191 Cleasby SPMBL 1984 350 GAL Used
Here is a used roofing kettle for sale! It's a Cleasby 350 GAL Roofing Kettle - Single-Axle, HONDA gasoline engine, and 60 GPM!

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CEP-4537 V270 2012 Used
Used Gehl 270 Skid Steer for sale, great condition, low hours, only one owner, well maintained. Call PavementGroup today for pricing information 518-218-7676

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CEP-4507 Other VEB-5000 2009 5 TON Batch Good
Asphalt Recycler for sale, 10+ TPH, mounted on truck. Model VEB-5000 by RSL Mfg., 2009, Produces 5 TON batch, with articulating feeder, dump style 518-218-7676

UEP-1396 Crafco SS125DC 2006 125 GAL Used
2006 Crafco SS 125 DC for sale, electrically heated hose and air compressor. Don't miss this deal, item is PavementGroup Certified Pre-Owned and includes a 90-day parts warranty. Call us today 518-218-7676!

CEP-4525 Cimline 410 Magma 2012 Working
Cimline 410 Magma Crack Kettle

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Pugmill Mixer PG-110 PavementGroup 2014 110 tph
Need a pugmill mixer today? We have in stock 2014, 110 tph pugmills for sale, never used, from the factory. Quick build time on our 2020 model pugmills. Call us at 518-218-7676. Features twin 15hp NORD motors, designed for heavy-duty use. Give us a call today for more information 518-218-7676

UEP-1346 PavementGroup Portable System New 105tph pugmill, 300 barrel silo, large bin Very Good, Like New
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PavementGroup’ Certified Pre-Owned equipment offers you peace of mind.

Qualifying equipment undergoes a rigorous 50+ point inspection. Machines are fully serviced and repaired, tested and retested. Our in-depth quality assurance process includes field testing the equipment under working conditions. When you receive it, be assured that it's ready to go to work. We back that up with a 90-day parts warranty.

SLUDGEpug is engineered for several applications such as oil & gas, liquid and sludge waste, and much more. Mix absorbents and solidifying agents. Call today 518-218-7676




UEP-1345-S PavementGroup 2014 300 barrel / 50 ton New
New 300 Barrell Portable Pugmill Silo, 2014 model, 50 ton, excellent condition, part of a demo assembly that has never been used, call PavementGroup today for more information on this great deal! 518-218-7676

UEP-1345-P PavementGroup 2014 110 tph
Used 110 tph pugmill for sale, 2014 model, excellent condition - features twin 15hp NORD motors, and is designed for heavy-duty use. Give us a call today for more information 518-218-7676




CEP-4531 Bagela BA 7000 2017 7 TPH Excellent, never used
New and Unused Bagela BA 7000 Asphalt Recycler for sale, 2017 model, great condition, less than 3 hours on meter. Watch the video below to see the product in use! Call us today 518-218-7676 for pricing.

UER-1197 Garlock 400 GAL
Don’t miss our Garlock 400 gal roof tar kettle. Kettle has been serviced, inspected and tested by a roofing kettle expert. Ships from NJ Call 518-218-7676

UER-1196 Garlock 400 GAL
Don’t miss our Garlock 400 gal roof tar kettle with safety load door. Kettle has been serviced, inspected and tested by a roofing kettle expert. Brand new tires included. Ships from NJ Call 518-218-7676

CEP-4530 Spaulding R.M.V. 2015 6 TON
Don't miss this 6TON asphalt hot box, 2015 model, with many options like hydraulic top load doors and discharge door, DUMP style, tack tank, very clean! Call Us today 518-218-7676

CEP-4528 Etnyre Centennial II 2013 2000 GAL
Nice clean 2013 Etnyre Centennial 2 distributor 2000 gallons with BT-1 computer Call 518-218-7676

CEP-4527 KM International T-2 2014 4 TPH Immaculate
Don’t miss out on our like NEW, immaculate 2014 KM T2 asphalt recycler, only 49hrs! 518-218-7676

Portable Pugmill Systems PavementGroup Pug Mills NEW 100, 200, 300, 500 TPH NEW
We're experts at building pugmill systems for professionals. Choose your options from 50-750 tph, 1-3 bins, H2O pump, asphalt pump, cement feed, clean-out, and weigh bridge. We can even include an onboard exit conveyor system, bomb bay cleanout doors, low entry side bins with air bag suspension, and much more.<br> Call the experts at PavementGroup.com<br> Dodge Reducers, Danfoss controls, Marathon, and other top-quality motors and drives. <br> IN A RUSH? We offer expedited service<br> Call us today 518-218-7676, 888-999-2660<br> Want to chat after hours? Call our company president Mark Reeves C: 518-577-9975

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UER-1195 Garlock 1997
Used 1997 Garlock Genesis 1012 Gallon roofing kettle, safety loading chute lid, professionally serviced by a kettle expert, tested and in good running condition. 518-218-7676 C: 518-577-9975

CEP-4518 Mauldin 690 E 1999 6 TON Good to Go
Used 6 Ton Mauldin 690E Gravity Feed Hopper for Sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! Manufactured in 1999, 6 Ton Capacity, Gravity Feed Hopper, and Kubota Diesel Engine. Don't miss this one!

CER-2303 Garlock 300 G 1985 300 Gal Used
Used 300 Gal Garlock Kettle for Sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! 1985 Model, Fair Condition, Green Unit! Don't Miss out on this Beaut!

CER-2302 Garlock Genesis 1998 412 Gal Used
Used 412 Gal Garlock Kettle For Sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! 412 Gal Capacity, 1998 Model, Gas Kettle, Don't Miss Out! Call Us today 518-218-7676!

CEP-4517 Cimline 230 Magma Used 230 GAL Working
Used Cimline 230 Magma Crack Kettle for sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! This Cimline 230 Magma is in working order.

Z-Max ZorbsMORE
Z-Max SAP is a superabsorbent polymer with exceptional absorbency, of 400X its own mass. Z-Max SAP is used in a wide variety of innovative ways improving industrial processes, solving problems for our customers! Let us help you craft an absorption solution for your unique industrial application

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Z-Bloc ZorbsMORE
Z-Bloc Dust Suppressant is bio-based, safe, and non-toxic! It builds on itself, improving performance with each application. You get exceptional dust control, and it's safer and less costly than CaCL2! Environmentally sound and non-toxic - safe to handle!

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Z-Pellets ZorbsMORE
Z-Pellets, Industrial Absorbent Pellets by ZorbsMORE. Industrial strength Absorbent, safe, non-toxic. Absorbs water from your wet, dredged sediment, with zero water release! Environmentally sound and non-toxic, safe to handle

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CEP-4485 Kasi IR-480 Factory Refurbished 8 Inverters! Factory Refurbished
Don't miss our Factory Refurbished Kasi IR-480 Infrared Asphalt Heater for sale! Completely rebuilt with a NEW KASI 8 Inverter System; don't miss it! Call us today 518-218-7676

CEP-4513 Marathon KERA400HD Used 400 Gal Used
Used Marathon KERA400HD Crack Sealing Kettle for Sale in good running condition. Heated hose, 400 gallon capacity. Nice unit! Find what you need at PavementGroup.com!

CEP-4514 Small Crack Sealing Melter
Used Crack Sealing Melter for sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com!

CER-2299 Reeves 400 Used 400 GAL Used
Used Reeves 400 Gallon Roofing Kettle for sale, professionally refurbished, serviced by a roofing kettle expert, new Honda engine, new pump busings! Don't miss it!

CEP-4506 Cimline 110 2010 110 GAL Fair
Used Cimline 110 Crack Kettle for sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! Under 3,000 Hours! 110 Model! Fair Condition, Available for a Working Demonstration!

CEP-4511 Rosco RA-400 2010
We've got a Used Rosco RA 400 Asphalt Patch Truck for Sale! Under 27,000 Miles, Automatic, 6-Cylinder, UD-3300 Truck! RA-400 Patcher, Kubota engine, Hydraulics, and suspension!

CEP-4510 Bergkamp FP5 2008 65K Miles USED
2008 Bergcamp FP5 patcher on M2 truck. Fully tested and serviced, ready to go to work. 5 ton capacity box, spoils compartment and more. Truck has received PM servicing, all functions operational (except AC does not blow cold air). Call for details 518-218-7676

CEP-4451 Parker
Parker Asphalt Plant Spot Mix

ZRelease ZorbsMORE
ZRelease, Asphalt Release and cleaner by ZorbsMORE gives you industrial strength performance you won't find elsewhere. Removes asphalt from a multitude of surfaces. It's safe and non-toxic, with no odor. Releases asphalt from dump trucks bodies, without detriment to the asphalt material. As a release agent, you can cut the material 10/1 or more with water. Spray the bed of your truck, paver screeds, and other asphalt plant equipment. Asphalt will slide out without damaging the asphalt. For cleaning asphalt of steel, and other surfaces, pre-spray the area in concentrate. This industrial strength material, gives better results than citrus based materials. Environmentally sound and non-toxic, safe to handle. Available in a variety of container sizes.

CEP-4502 Falcon 6 TON 2018 6-TON USED
Here's a Used 6-Ton Falcon Hot Box for Sale! This Falcon Hot Box is fully insulated, has automatic temperature control, and red body color! The triple wall construction coupled with several included options leads to a deal you just can't wait on!

CER-2298 Reeves 140 Used 140 GAL Used
Here's a Used Reeves 140 Gallon Asphalt Roofing Kettle for Sale! It's got New Tires and is Ready to WORK!

CER-2297 Garlock Felt Layer
Used Asphalt Felt Layer for sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! This Asphalt Felt Layer has new features and adjustable aluminium height! It can be yours!

CEP-4495 Kasi 2-3/4 TON Used 2-3/4 TON USED
This Used 2 3/4 Ton Kasi Patriot System on 2013 Kenworth Black is For Sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! Under 8,000 Hours! New Converters! Under 160,000 Miles! Don't Miss it

Rockster Crushers EE-3220 NEW 3.9-4.3 cu yd BRAND NEW
Rockster Crushers offer you world class engineering and top-quality construction. We are product to be a Rockster dealer. PavementGroup offers savings you won't find elsewhere. Call us for a demo.

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CEP-4494 Bagela BA-7000 NEW 7 TON NEW
NEW Bagela BA7000 Asphalt Recycler for sale. This Bagela has ONLY 3 HOURS! Why buy an identical 2019 unit for so much more? Instead, save $50,000. Last one in stock. Call today

CER-2296 Aeroil 30G USED 30 GAL Ready to Work
We have a used Aeroil 30 Gallon Roofing Patch Kettle, and it's for sale! Made by Aeroil and supporting 30 Gallons of Tar, this Patch Kettle is Ready to Work!

CEP-4490 Merit 600-EX 2017 66 HP 14 Hours
Here's a used Merit 600EX Concrete Cutter for Sale, only at PavementGroup! This Merit boasts 66 HP and VERY LOW HOURS!

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