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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEP-3852 Ford Pro Patch 1998
Ford Pro Patch Pot Hole Patcher Truck

CEI Hot Oil Heater

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CEP-4397 Cimline M2 DHW 2017 230 GAL
Cimline 230 Magma M2 Crack Kettle

CEP-4221 Bomag BW278AD 2010 Excellent
Vibratory Double Drum Roller

CER-2286 Roofmaster 30" x 60"
(5) Roofmaster 4-Wheel Trailers

CEP-4377 Astec RC-2421321 2005 10'x14'
Astec Recycle Feed System

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CEP-4421 Mauldin 1750 C 2009
Mauldin 1750-C Paver

CER-2276 Atlas 18 HP
Atlas 2000 Single Line Hydraulic Hoist

CEP-4420 Barber Greene 8'x14'
Portable 4 BIN Cold Feed System

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CEP-4418 Kolberg 1980 4x8
Portable Kolberg 2 BIN Pugmill

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CEP-4417 StanSteel 2008 400 TPH
Stationary 92' 400TPH Stansteel Drag Slat Conveyor

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CEP-4414 Kasi Mini-Combo 2 TON
2-Ton Infrared Mini Combo

CEP-4416 Astec 250-300TPH
Portable 300TPH Astec Drum Plant

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CEP-4415 CEI 2011 180-300TPH
Portable Counter-Flow 180TPH Drum Plant

CEP-4413 Heatec
Heatec Heaters

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UEP-1364 Crafco EZ-Pour-200-LP Mid-90s
Crafco EZ Pour 200 LP, VGC, Propane fired, like new pump, heat transfer oil, For Sale, Serviced and tested. PavementGroup Certified Pre-owned, Warranty, 518-218- 7676

Semi-Portable 100-120TPH Drying Package

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CEP-4409 Twin City 2015 UNUSED
Twin City Fans

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CEP-4390 Barber Greene DM-70 275TPH
Portable BG DM70 Drum Plant

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CEP-4406 Aesco Madsen 27K ACFM
Portable 27,000 ACFM Baghouse

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CEP-4408 US Steel Corp 1974 30K GAL
Stationary 30,000 Gallon Propane Tank

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CEP-4407 BCS-330 30 HP
Blue Smoke Kit

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Seaman Co. Chip Spreader

CEP-4388 KM International KM4000SXPX
KM4000 2-Ton Hot Box

CEP-4387 Custom
Infrared Patching Machine

Roofing Kettle

CEP-4400 Crafco SS-125D 2014 125 GAL
Crafco Super Shot 125 Melter SS125D

CEP-4404 International 4900 1994 1500 GAL
International Asphalt Sealing Truck

CEP-4403 Ford 1999 1500 GAL
FORD Asphalt Sealing Truck

CEP-4394 90%
Micro Drum for Roadtec RX500

CRE-108CS Concord Road EQ NEW 108" NEW
The Concord Gravity Feed Chip Spreader is a simple and cost effective machine for spreading all types of aggregate. This heavy duty deluxe spreader features a 1/4 inch thick rigid frame, and a one-piece sliding floor that is adjustable at either end of the unit in 1/2 inch increments to a maximum opening of 4 inches

CEP-4396 Midland 120 TPH
Midland 120 TPH Pugmill Mixer

CEP-4368 Cimline 230 Magma 2004 230 GAL
Cimline Magma 230 Crack Kettle

CEP-4398 Stepp Mfg SMM-72 2012
2012 SMM Tailgate Mounted Master Mixer - Asphalt Recycler

CEP-4391 Falcon 2015
2015 Falcon 4-Ton Hot Box

CEP-4385 Carlson CP-90 2012
Carlson CP90 Paver

CER-2284 Blackwell Conveyor 1974 52'
We have available a 52' Roof Conveyor for sale. It includes an extra motor. Good running condition. Located in Kansas. Available for inspection. Call 518-218-7676.

CEP-4386 Leeboy 8515C 2014
Leeboy 8515C

CEP-4402 Aesco Madsen 4 BIN 10 x 12
Portable AESCO 4 Bin

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CER-2283 Reeves Reeves 650
Reeves 650 Roofing Kettle with Fume Recovery AFTERBURNER

CER-2282 Garlock 400
Garlock 400 Roofing Kettle

CER-2281 Garlock 400
Garlock 400 Roofing Kettle

CER-2279 Aeroil Aeroil 330
Aeroil 330 Roofing Kettle

CER-2278 Reeves Reeves 650
Reeves 650 Roofing Kettle

CER-2277 Reeves Reeves 265
Reeves 265 Roofing Kettle

CEP-4366 A.C. Tank 75K GAL
75,000 Gallons of Storage AC Tanks

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SY-2PJC Senya Tech Senya 2 Portable New 10,000 Lbs, portable New
Our Senya 2 Jaw Crusher is fully portable at only 10,000 Lbs. Put your 3/4 ton pickup to work. You get industrial performance from our all electric crusher! 518-218-7676

CEP-4301A 1500LS Good
Very clean silo for sale; for lime, fly-ash or cement. 518-218-7676

CEP-4301C Pugmill Systems 1500LS 1500tph
Pugmill Systems 1500LS is the biggest one made, with a nominal output of about 1500tph. Formerly owned by Great Lakes Dredging and set at their Staten Island, NY port. The pugmill was never used!! Great Lakes Dredging ended up outsourcing the work for which the equipment was intended. The pugmill is as shown and includes motors, clamshell surge bin and crane loadout from Albany, NY. Original owner notes that the motors were checked in the past 10 years and determined to be dry inside. Don't miss this one. For site inspection call PavementGroup at 518-541-8774

CEP-4392 Caterpillar Portable 1992 2000KW
Portable 2,000KW Cat Gen-Set

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