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Used Plants & Equipment

Used Asphalt Plants For Sale 518-218-7676 888-999-2660
Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEP-4366 A.C. Tank 75K GAL
75,000 Gallons of Storage AC Tanks

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CEP-4392 Caterpillar Portable 1992 2000KW
Portable 2,000KW Cat Gen-Set

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CEP-4390 Barber Greene DM-70 275TPH
Portable BG DM70 Drum Plant

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CEP-4151 Gencor 52,000ACFM 325TPH
Gencor Counterflow Drum and Baghouse

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CEP-4377 Astec RC-2421321 2005 10'x14'
Astec Recycle Feed System

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CEP-4373 4BF-130691-2A 2001 500TPH
Portable 500TPH Counter-Flow Drum Plant

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CEP-4370 Standard Havens 1992 88'
Standard Havens 88' Slat Conveyor

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CEP-4369 Heatec HSC-1000 1992 1 MBTU
Heatec 1MBTU Heater

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CEP-3957 COX / D&H 1990 30 TPH
Portable D&H Rubber Blending Plant

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CEP-4363 Gencor Skidded 9 x 14
Gencor Single RAP Bin

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CEP-4362 5 BIN 10 x 14
Portable 5 Bins

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CEP-4360 Astec Jet Pulse 40-45K ACFM
40-45,000 ACFM ASTEC Baghouse

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CEP-4358 140/160 Ton 300 TON Total
2 Silo Package 300 TONS of Storage PRICE REDUCED!

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CEP-4357 12-732 66K ACFM
EssTee 66000 ACFM Baghouse

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CEP-4356 Mark III Size 30
Drying Package, or Plant Upgrade - Alpha Mark III

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CEP-4354 Barber Greene 50-TON
Portable Barber Greene 50 Ton Silo w/ Bucket Elevator

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CEP-4351 PF Portable 7' x 42'
ASTEC 7'x42' PF Portable Sand Dryer

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CEP-4348 CWMF Dust-Eater 90K CFM
Portable 90,000 ACFM Baghouse, CWMF, Dust-Eater

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CEP-4347 StanSteel CMI RA 418 2009 250-300 TPH
Counterflow Drum Plant 250-200 TPH with 3 Silos

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CEP-4345 CMI Almix 8032 175-200TPH
Portable 175 - 200TPH Drum Plant

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CEP-4344 Barber Greene BE-50 6000 LB
6000 lb BE 50 Barber Greene Batch Plant

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CEP-4335 360-Degree 15' 4”
360 Degree Portable Asphalt Control House

CEP-4333 Barber Greene 8X40 2002 65K CFM
Barber Green Drum ASTEC Baghouse CBS fire system

CEP-4320 200 TON ea 600 TON Total

CEP-4249 TSAP-2000P 2012 170TPH

CEP-4156 CMI UDM-1200 1980 150-200TPH
Portable CMI PF Drum Plant 150-200 TPH

CEP-4315 100 TON 100 TPH
Portable 100 TON Silo Package

CEP-4313 J8408
Portable, Dual Bin Cold Feed hopper for sale, Staten Island NY, available for inspection Call 518-218-7676

CEP-4278 150 TON 500 TPH
Portable 150 TON Silo Package

CEP-4250 150 TON ea 300 TON Total
300 TON Silo Package (2 150 TON Silos)

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CEP-4216 Caterpillar 968Kva 750KW

CEP-4210 ONAN 2750KW
Cummins GENSET 2750 KW Total Paralleled Package

CEP-4203 AB512-15 60K CFM
Direct Pulse 60000 CFM Baghouse

CEP-4180 4972093 700-BBL
Portable SE 700BBL Dust Silo

CEP-4183 SSP-100T-DC 100 TON
Boeing Portable 100 TON Silo Package

CEP-4125 Raptech-60tph Recycler 60 TPH Good
Complete 60tph 100% RAP counterflow asphalt recycling plant, with 2 cold feed bins, Hauck burner, pollution CS, control house, automation, wifi, training and support. 518-218-7676

CEP-4167 Astec WJ5000 2015 50-MBTU
ASTEC Phoenix 50 MBTU Burner

CEP-4148 9' 9"'X 14' 6" BIN 36 in X 10'
Portable Single Bin

CEP-4139 StanSteel RM-30
Control Tower from Stansteel Model RM30 Asphalt Batch Plant - All offers accepted! Will sell components individually!

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CEP-4137 StanSteel RM-30 120TPH
Batch Tower from Stansteel RM30 Asphalt Batch Plant - All offers accepted! Will sell components individually!

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CEP-4135 RM-30 100K Capacity
Scales from Stansteel Model RM30 Asphalt Batch Plant - All offers accepted! Will sell components individually!

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CEP-4121 Astec CCH-1SP 2002 10 x 40
Astec 360 Degree Control House

CEP-4103 10HP Motor NEW 13' X 6' BY 5'
New Shingle Feeder Bin

CEP-4098 GenCo AF-40

CEP-4097 CEI EL-2000 2 MBTU
CEI 2MBTU Heater

CEP-4096 Heatec Combo 1.5 MBTU
Heatec 1.5MBTU Heater

CEP-4095 Hy-Way HYCGO-100 2006 1 MBTU

CEP-4091 Barber Greene DC65X107 4- 8'10
Sand/Aggregate Drying Plant

CEP-4090 Gencor 10' x 50' Scales 300 TON
Gencor 300 Ton Silo

CEP-4058 RBTX-721 2000 400-TPH
400 TPH Mixing Drum Package


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