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Used Roofing

We offer a variety of roofing kettles for various roof project needs. You will find asphalt pumper kettles and draw/gravity feed kettles. Select from a wide inventory of Refurbished Kettles. Why buy new when you can buy a refurbished kettle for less than half the price. We also offer fume guards, fume recover hoods, Garlock afterburner systems, and custom roof kettle afterburner systems. Call 518-218-7676 for details

Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CER-2312 Reeves Pumper Kettle 300 GAL
300 Gallon Reeves Pumper Kettle

CER-2311 ASE 800 GAL
800 Gallon ASE Asphalt Kettle

CER-2310 Reeves Reeves 200 200 GAL
200 Gallon Reeves Asphalt Kettle

UER-1191 Cleasby SPMBL 1984 350 GAL Used
Here is a used roofing kettle for sale! It's a Cleasby 350 GAL Roofing Kettle - Single-Axle, HONDA gasoline engine, and 60 GPM!

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UER-1197 Garlock 400 GAL
Don’t miss our Garlock 400 gal roof tar kettle. Kettle has been serviced, inspected and tested by a roofing kettle expert. Ships from NJ Call 518-218-7676

UER-1196 Garlock 400 GAL
Don’t miss our Garlock 400 gal roof tar kettle with safety load door. Kettle has been serviced, inspected and tested by a roofing kettle expert. Brand new tires included. Ships from NJ Call 518-218-7676

UER-1195 Garlock 1997
Used 1997 Garlock Genesis 1012 Gallon roofing kettle, safety loading chute lid, professionally serviced by a kettle expert, tested and in good running condition. 518-218-7676 C: 518-577-9975

CER-2303 Garlock 300 G 1985 300 Gal Used
Used 300 Gal Garlock Kettle for Sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! 1985 Model, Fair Condition, Green Unit! Don't Miss out on this Beaut!

CER-2302 Garlock Genesis 1998 412 Gal Used
Used 412 Gal Garlock Kettle For Sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! 412 Gal Capacity, 1998 Model, Gas Kettle, Don't Miss Out! Call Us today 518-218-7676!

CER-2299 Reeves 400 Used 400 GAL Used
Used Reeves 400 Gallon Roofing Kettle for sale, professionally refurbished, serviced by a roofing kettle expert, new Honda engine, new pump busings! Don't miss it!

CER-2298 Reeves 140 Used 140 GAL Used
Here's a Used Reeves 140 Gallon Asphalt Roofing Kettle for Sale! It's got New Tires and is Ready to WORK!

CER-2297 Garlock Felt Layer
Used Asphalt Felt Layer for sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! This Asphalt Felt Layer has new features and adjustable aluminium height! It can be yours!

CER-2296 Aeroil 30G USED 30 GAL Ready to Work
We have a used Aeroil 30 Gallon Roofing Patch Kettle, and it's for sale! Made by Aeroil and supporting 30 Gallons of Tar, this Patch Kettle is Ready to Work!

CER-2292 Garlock 175 175 GAL Used
We've got a Garlock 175 Gallon Roofing Kettle for sale! This Garlock Pumper Kettle has a NEW Honda Engine, NEW Tires, and a Propane Burner! It can be yours!

CER-2291 Reeves Reeves 265 2003 265 GAL Used
Here is a used 265 GAL Reeves Roofing Kettle for Sale! It's a 2003 Reeves Kettle with a 265 gallon capacity, Propane-fired burner, and there's a video demonstration coming soon!

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CER-2286 Roofmaster 30" x 60"
(5) Roofmaster 4-Wheel Trailers

Roofing Kettle

CER-2284 Blackwell Conveyor 1974 52'
We have available a 52' Roof Conveyor for sale. It includes an extra motor. Good running condition. Located in Kansas. Available for inspection. Call 518-218-7676.

CER-2279 Aeroil Aeroil 330
Aeroil 330 Roofing Kettle

CER-2277 Reeves Reeves 265
Reeves 265 Roofing Kettle

CER-2271 Garlock 380
Garlock 380 Roofing Kettle

CER-2255 Garlock '85 - '89 72 Feet
(3) 72' Garlock Conveyors - Multiple Unit discount!

CER-2246 Garlock 600 600 GAL
Garlock 600 Gallon Roofing Kettle

CER-2243 Reeves 140 140 GAL
Reeves 140 Gallon Asphalt Roofing Kettle

CER-2229 Garlock Genesis 1000 GAL
Garlock GENESIS 1000 Gallon Roofing Kettle

CER-2228 Garlock 300 300 GAL
Garlock 300 Gallon Kettle - Totally Rebuilt - Ready to Work

CER-2222 62'
62 Foot Roofing Conveyor For Sale

CER-2218 2000
RG Hydraulic Hoist 2000

CER-2217 Patch 30 GAL
Garlock 30 Gallon Roofing Kettle

CER-2216 30G 30 GAL
Panther 30 Gallon Roofing Kettle

CER-2211 Garlock 600 GAL
Garlock GENESIS 400 Gallon Roofing Kettle

CER-2210 Aeroil 400 GAL
Aeroil 400 Gallon Roofing Kettle

CER-2205 Garlock 175 175 GAL
Garlock 175 Gallon Roofing Kettle

CER-2188 Garlock 600 600 Gal
Garlock 600 Gallon Roofing Kettle

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Roofing Hoist

CER-2187 Lowboy 750
Panther 750 Lowboy Roofing Kettle

CER-2185 Spudder 6 HP
Spudder Machine

CER-2184 Garlock MiniSaw
Garlock Roofing Mini-Saw

CER-2183 Garlock Cutter 9 HP
Garlock Cutter

Roofing Buggy, Optional Gravel Spreader and Dumper

CER-2144 Aeroil 52'
Used Aeroil Roofing Conveyor 52’ for sale, 518-218-7676

CER-2134 2010
Unused, 2010 Panther Parapet Cart System, Just like new, For Sale 518-218-7676

CER-2133 HSHD 2006
Used Once, 2006 HSHD Roof Hoist W/13 HP Honda For Sale 2006 HSHD Hoist W/13 HP, Power Unit, Frame, Winch, Trash Tray and Hoist Fork 518-218-7676

CER-2119 Garlock 62 Ft
Garlock 62 foot Roofing Conveyor For Sale

CER-2118 Garlock 1012 Gal
Garlock Genesis 1012

CER-2115 Garlock 62 Ft
Garlock Conveyor 62'

CER-2113 Aeroil
Aeroil Air-Jacketed Roofing Kettle with Agitation

CER-2109 Blackwell
Blackwell Roofing Kettle Briggs & Stratton 850 Gal

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We have a wide selection of Used Kettles such as: Used Pumper Kettles from 250-1,200 Gallon Capacities Used Gravity Feed/Draw Kettles from 454-150 Gallon Capacities Used Oil Jacketed Roof Kettles Used Air Jacketed Roof Kettles Call us for an updated inventory list. Manufacturer Brands carried include: Garlock Roof Kettles, Cleasby Tar Kettles, ASE Roofing Kettles, Panther Roof Kettles, Reeves Roofing Kettles and Aeroil Roofing Kettles

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