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Used Roofing

We offer a variety of roofing kettles for various roof project needs. You will find asphalt pumper kettles and draw/gravity feed kettles. Select from a wide inventory of Refurbished Kettles. Why buy new when you can buy a refurbished kettle for less than half the price. We also offer fume guards, fume recover hoods, Garlock afterburner systems, and custom roof kettle afterburner systems. Call 518-218-7676 for details

Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CER-3338 Genesis 200 GAL
200-GAL Hot Melt Waterproofing Kettle for rubberized asphalt for sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.com Rebuilt - Cleaned out, full service and rebuild - Ready to go - Runs Great! 5.5HP Honda engine.

CER-2337 Genesis 300 GAL
300 Gallon Hot Rubber Melter Kettle for sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.com Rebuilt - Cleaned out - Ready to go - Runs Great 9HP Briggs Vanguard engine. Will have new tires mounted on when purchased.

CER-2336 Garlock Genesis 600 GAL
Garlock Genesis 600 Roofing Kettle for sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.com - Ready to go

CER-2335 Reeves 300 300 GAL
Reeves 300 Gallon Asphalt Roofing Kettle

CER- Garlock Genesis 600 GAL
Garlock Genesis 400-600 Roofing Kettles for sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.com Rebuilt - Cleaned out - Ready to go - 9 HP Honda engine on Pump

CER-2322 400 Used 400 GAL Used
400 Aeroil Gallon Roofing Kettle for sale, professionally finished and completely rebuilt by a roofing kettle expert, new Honda engine! 518-218-7676

CER-2321 Reeves 140 Used 140 GAL Used
Here's a Used Reeves 140 Gallon Asphalt Roofing Kettle for Sale! It's got New Tires and was completely rebuilt!

CER-2314 Aeroil Roofing Kettle 100 GAL
100 Gallon Reeves Kettle for sale. This unit has new tires, a drain cock molasses valve, and comes with a propane burner and hose. It is the perfect size for a paving contractor doing crack sealing or a roofing contractor. The kettle has been professionally serviced, sandblasted, re-painted. Call PavementGroup today 518-218-7676 for more information.


We have a wide selection of Used Kettles such as: Used Pumper Kettles from 250-1,200 Gallon Capacities Used Gravity Feed/Draw Kettles from 454-150 Gallon Capacities Used Oil Jacketed Roof Kettles Used Air Jacketed Roof Kettles Call us for an updated inventory list. Manufacturer Brands carried include: Garlock Roof Kettles, Cleasby Tar Kettles, ASE Roofing Kettles, Panther Roof Kettles, Reeves Roofing Kettles and Aeroil Roofing Kettles

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