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Asphalt Recyclers: Our mobile asphalt recycling plants are designed for recycling RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) millings and broken chunk into quality hot mix asphalt. Our asphalt plants can also produce virgin asphalt, cold patch and permanent pavement material similar to UPM® and QPR® HMA recycling rates vary by machine from 1-5 ton per batch Our continual feed recyclers also produce high performance cold patch at rates over 15tph. Our mobile recycling plants can also be set up for static production. Some units include a heated asphalt tack tank, with heated spray wand, conveyor loading and or conveyor discharge.

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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
AmeriPatcher Pothole Patcher PavementGroup NEW 1/4 Ton Capacity New
AmeriPatcher pothole patcher, quickly attaches to your skidsteer or tractor using the universal plate. It's built strong enough to be used by the US Air Force at bases around the world. Designed to recycle asphalt millings and chunks into 300F hotmix, AmeriPatcher gives you hotmix on demand, all year. Call about our exclusive dealership opportunities. Currently dealerships available in 48 states and internationally. Call 518-218-7676 Devin 330-835-7742 (after hours and weekends).

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Asphalt Recycling Offers Many Benefits: Asphalt recycling & Asphalt Reclaiming offer contractors and municipalities many benefits. With a weak economy, municipalities are seeking ways to save money while contractors are searching for new ways to make money. Add to this rising asphalt prices and a world focused on Green Technology and you have all the right reasons to own an asphalt recycler.

Let’s talk about savings and profits first. RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) was once a waste product for which contractors paid to dispose. Today, RAP is being discovered as a highly valuable commodity. It’s commonly mixed with stone and used for base course. However, its greatest potential value is attained through 100% recycling accomplished with an asphalt recycler. Asphalt recycling recovers the asphalt and the aggregate, resulting in a cost savings/profit (depending on how you look at it) between $35. - $80. per ton, depending on local hot mix costs. Recycling just 15 tons per week over 1 year, yields an annual profit/savings of $30,000-$60,000. With our larger recyclers, the savings can be as high as $250,000 / year -- that’s a tremendous amount of money and it’s entirely feasible with our large PT-PRO Series Recyclers which are capable of recycling over 80 ton/day.

Asphalt Recycling offers other significant benefits such as a reduced reliance on the local hot mix plant What contractor hasn’t waited in line at the mix plant, or come up short 5 tons on a project, or wanted to work at night or on weekends? I owned a pavement company in the 90’s and it happened to us all the time. In places like Canada, Alaska and NY City it can take over 2 hours one way to reach a hot mix plant. In the Northeast, mix plants close between November and April. Owning an asphalt recycler gives the contractor tremendous flexibility. It allows the contractor 24/7 access to hot mix. Why purchase asphalt cold patch at $100.00 / ton when you can recycle your own asphalt for $18.00/ton?

Asphalt is one of the most abundant recyclables on the planet. Asphalt is 100% recyclable With a government administration focused on recycling, the timing is ideal for purchasing an asphalt recycler. Almost half the states offer a tax code incentive; exemptions on sales, income or property taxes on a state or local level for the purchase of equipment or machinery used in recycling. Asphalt Recycling is great for the environment and great PR for corporate and municipal owners of recycling equipment. It offers them carbon credits, shows their commitment toward recycling, and all while saving them money.

The National Asphalt Pavement Association, NAPA, has sent representatives to Capitol Hill to educate our legislators on the benefits of asphalt recycling. It's hard to believe it, but most politicians remain unaware of the fact that asphalt is one of the most abundant and easily recycled commodities on Earth. A government hooked on Green Technology and directly beneath their feet (and wheels) lies a 100% recyclable commodity.   Recycling asphalt yields a significant Carbon Savings and a marked reduction in Carbon Emissions (Greenhouse Gas Emissions).  It's a potential match made in heaven.  We can thank NAPA and the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association for making important strides in advancing our legislator's understanding of these facts.

At Pavement Technologies, we are focused on advancing the progress of asphalt recycling through the sale of asphalt recycling equipment We partner with industry and public works associations throughout North America and abroad in implementing a successful asphalt recycling program specific to our customer's needs. Our asphalt recyclers have been the recipient of 2 National Environmental Awards for Carbon Savings and Sustainable Practices.

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