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Chip Sealing Equipment

Chip Sealing

Our STRATOS Chip Sealing Distributors are designed for spraying asphalt emulsion products prior to the application of stone chips. Our diesel heated asphalt distributor tanks are ideal for spraying a variety of lower temperature products such as SS1, CRS, CSS-1 and CRS2 and others, with heating up to a maximum of 185F. Our quality built steel tanks provide reliable durability along with top notch American-made components such as our Viking pump, Honda and Kohler engines, Beckett diesel burner, Hannay hose reels and Parker hoses.  The machines are designed and engineered for ease of use and reliability and a host of options are available such as spare tire, heat maintainer, remote control on/off, 8 or 12' spraybar and more.

While you won't find our Stratos Asphalt Distributors to contain all the features of a Rosco or Etnyre distributor truck, you will find a reliable, well thought-out and affordable machine that gets the job done.

Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
DMT-1000 PavementGroup DMT-1000 NEW 17' Long New
STRATOS 1000 gallon asphalt distributor trailer, diesel heat, 50' hose, for tar, tack & chip sealing. Options include: spray bar, remote on/off, insulation, and more 518-218-7676. The STRATOS was engineered and designed for spraying emulsion products such as CSS-1h, CRS-2, HFRS-2 and the full range of emulsion products. IN STOCK!

DMT-600 PavementGroup DMT-600 NEW 16' Long New
STRATOS DMT-600 Asphalt Distributor Trailer 600 Gallon Trailer Mounted, Perfect for chip seal applications. IN STOCK!

DMT-400 PavementGroup DMT-400 NEW 12.5' Long New
STRATOS DMT-400 Asphalt Distributor 400 Gallon Trailer Mounted, Perfect for chip seal applications, IN STOCK!


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