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Asphalt Recycling Rejuvenator


Adding Oils: Whether you're repaving driveways or repairing roadways and parking lots, you need to be confident that you've taken steps to improve the quality of your recycled asphalt.  Your RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) pile is often depleted of essential oils. This occurs when, over time, oxidation from the sun damages the long-chain hydrocarbon molecules in your pavement. Adding liquid oils may help to soften the asphalt and improve workability making it easier to rake, but adding oil doesn't always improve hot mix quality. Adding too much oil can negatively impact mix performance.

Adding AC: Another option is to add Asphalt Cement, perhaps even the same material the hot mix plants use when batching hot mix asphalt. Considering that asphalt cement has to be heated to very high temeratures, the option of using AC is impractical. You're running a small asphalt recycling operation for the convenience of having hot mix on demand and reducing hot mix costs. Heating asphalt cement requires a costly investment of fuel along with a diesel or propane-heated storage tank and hot AC liquid pumping system. This is totally impractical, unless you have a very large recycling plant.


  • Rejuvenator is formulated specifically for rejuvenating RAP, asphalt chunks & millings
  • Improves hot mix asphalt quality and the durability of your hot mix asphalt. 
  • Safe to handle
  • Sold by the pallet
  • We have customers who've used other additives that are more popular...
  • ...but they've switched to Rejuvenator, reporting a much better mix quality!

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Rejuvenator Asphalt Recycling Rejuvenator

Composition: 33% SBR Rubber Polymer / 33% Tackifier / 33% Oil

SBR Rubber Polymer: SBR is a copolymer of styrene and butadiene and has properties similar to Natural Rubber. It has good abrasion resistance, excellent impact strength, very good resilience, and a high tensile strength.

Oil: Oil saturates the rubber such that it will accept the sticky resin. The oils come from the crude oil industry, product or byproduct of cracking oil, white oil or mineral oil, petroleum byproducts.

Tackifier: Chemical compounds used in formulating adhesives to increase the tack (i.e. the stickiness of the surface of the adhesive) are usually low-molecular weight compounds. Tackifier increases how tacky the material is and how fast it sets when applied.

BENEFITS of Rejuvenator: APR with SBR Rubber Polymer enhances aggregate retention, prevents drain-down, improves binder performance at high and low temperature extreme, retards asphalt pavement oxidation, increases resistance to rutting, shoving, low temperature cracking, load-associated fatigue cracking, temperature susceptibility and reflective cracking.

HOW IT WORKS: APR oils and tackifiers work together with the rubber particle to create elasticity, workability and rejuvenation. Molecular polymers look like spiders with many more legs, each with a tiny ball on the end which want to accept the other ingredients. These polymers exhibit permanent memory, such that when it cools down it stays together and exhibits elasticity.

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