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Used Fuel Trucks and Fuel Tankers

We offer used and reconditioned fuel tanks, trucks and trailers. Our fuel tanks are designed for gas, diesel and the hauling of other petroleum based products. We also offer fuel pups, smaller trailer mounted fuel tankers, that are 250-1,000 gallons. Call for details 1-518-218-7676. 
Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEF-1019 Ford L-8000 1995 3400 GAL
Ford L8000 with a 3400×4 Alum Tank

CEF-1018 Ford L-8501 1998 3400 GAL
Ford L8501 w/ 3400X1 Alum Tank

CEF-1016 2003 3000 GAL
Fuel Truck 3000 Gallon Progress Aluminum Tank


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