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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
Portable Pugmills - Olympus PavementGroup Portable Olympus Pugmills NEW 80, 100, 200, 300, 500tph NEW
We're experts at building pugmill systems for pros, Olympus, one of America's top pugmill brands and greatest values. At Olympus, our mission is to bring you a high quality customizable pugmill at a reasonable price. Choose from 80-500tph, 1-3 bins. We serve a cross-section of industries for some of America's leading companies, because we know that quality construction and dependability matter. Industry leading availability with fast lead times! Give us a call to learn more 518-218-7676 Want to chat after hours? Call Devin 330-835-7742 or Mark 518-577-9975

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Olympus Mini-Hercules Pugmills PavementGroup Mini-Hercules 80- Series NEW 19'4"L x 7'6"W x 7' 6"H NEW
The NEW Olympus mini-HERCULES pugmill system weighs in at just under 10,000 Lbs. Our compact design, gives you a solid ruggedly constructed pugmill mixing system with a single bin on a trailer. The mini-HERCULES delivers where other can't. You get an 80-100tph pugmill plant, a 7.3cy bin, on a trailer, that was engineered to be towed with your pickup truck! How cool is that?! Options include a VFD, water pump, asphalt pump and belt scale. Need something bigger? The Olympus line is offered in 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, and 1000 tph nominal output capacities. Olympus Pugmills are exceptionally well built with expert engineering and superior build quality! We provide customers with top- quality pugmills at a price they can afford. Call us Today at 518-218-7676 or Devin 330-835-7742 after hours.

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Olympus Poseidon Olympus Pugmills Olympus Posiedon NEW 110 TPH NEW
Olympus Poseidon water & sludge pugmill system Our system has proven itself in the field! Olympus Pugmills are being used successfully to process waste liquids for one of the largest waste companies in the world, at multiple locations! Our system can be mobilized quickly on just 2 truckloads and is easy to install. Call today 518-218-7676

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SLUDGEpug System PavementGroup Portable System New 105tph pugmill, 300 barrel silo, large bin Very Good, Like New
SLUDGEpug is engineered for several applications such as oil & gas, liquid and sludge waste and much more. Mix absorbents and solidifying agents such as ZorbsMORE. Call today for details. Call Joe to learn how 518-218-7676

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Olympus RCC PavementGroup NEW 3 BIN NEW
Looking for a pugmill system designed with convenience in mind? PavementGroup' Olympus RCC pugmill was designed for rapid setup with the ability to move quickly from job to job. Available in a variety of capacities and bin configurations. Shown is our 500TPH, 3 bin, with low load bins. Our load- from-the-ground bins eliminate the need for constructing ramps. We have a variety of optional equipment for your pugmill such as our hydraulic scalping screen decks, scorpion exit conveyor, on-board generator, weigh bridge, and full PLC controls. Give us a call and speak with an expert today 518-218-7676 After hours and weekends, Devin 330-835-7742, Mark 518-577-9975

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Olympus Pugmills by PavementGroup continue to prove themselves, year after year. Exceptional engineering, heavy-duty construction and high end OEM components, assures reliability and a long-lasting pugmill system. Have peace of mind with an industry-leading 2-YEAR Warranty on our bins and frames. You'll also get quick delivery times and a price that won't empty your bank account! 

Our engineering and production team has been building pavement equipment for 3-generations. They take great pride in what they build from weld quality to control system integration to fit and finish. Our sales and service team has over 30 years experience in the construction equipment field. We aim to impress and are commited to helping you succeed. 

Top quality components on every machine; Danfoss controls, Systems Equipment PLC, Viking pumps, Isomag flow meters, Marathon motors, Dodge reducers, Rice Lake weigh bridge and SEW drives.

Support you can count on! Spare parts, our helpful service department and engineering team, are just a phone call away.

Quick Turn Around Time of 4-8 weeks on most builds

Affordable We are setting the standard for reliability and ease of operation, at a price point you can afford.

Olympus pugmills are used for a variety of applications; soil blending, lime treating soil, cement treated base, cold patch asphalt production, soil remediation, sludge and liquid waste solidification and more. Materials processed include aggregates, recycled asphalt pavement, roofing shingles, Earthen materials, sludge and water waste, fly ash, foundry dust, coal cake and salt.

Olympus Pugmills combine a pugmill blending system, computerized dosage controls, multi-bin configuration, feed conveyors and a host of options. Need something special? We'll customize it just for you. A few of our satisfied customers: 

Our Customers - Their Success Stories: 
Quickrete® - 3 bin cold feed system for storing aggregates as part of their cold mix production processing equipment.
Sustainable Pavement Technologies - producing cold mix asphalt from RAP reclaimed asphalt pavement and RAS recycled asphalt shingles, for roadway paving
Jennings County Indiana - blending 1/2" minus aggregate, 3% sand, and 5.5% AE-300 to produce cold patch for paving many of their secondary roads, as well as for winter pothole repairs.  Call us for the recipe.
NJ Site & Utility - performing soil remediation, clay processing, lime treated base, replacing the final product, made suitable for building construction, processed 150,000 tons and counting.
Petta Industries - processing waste frack materials, to remove freestanding water, passing the #6 paint filter test and made suitable for land filling. 
Gonzalez and Sons - produced 25,000 tons of 100% recycled asphalt and paved 20 acres of their own parking lots. Call us for the recipe.
Pettis County Missouri - grant funded pugmill purchase for cold-patch production for roadway paving construction. 
Paul Reed Construction - producing its own cold patch asphalt for repaving of US missile bases. 
Northgate Holdings - processing, absorbing and solidifying 150+ gallons of waste water/minute for Waste Management landfills. 
Middle Georgia Paving -making cold patch and paving with it throughout the summer months. Call us for the recipe.

VERSATILITY Olympus Pugmills can be custom tailored to your needs making us an invaluable resource across many industries; cold mix asphalt production, mixing fly ash, cement and various recipes for cement treated base; remediation of contaminated soil; mixing road salts with additives; liquid waste S/S, solidification and stabilization; processing dredged material (using ZorbsMORE Z-Pellets) for water absorption and landfilling; mixing oil and gas drilling mud and tailings with S/S agents agents making them suitable for land filling; mixing filter cake from coal plants with absorption materials (such as ZorbsMORE Z-Pellets) for reintroduction to the furnace. 

Olympus Pugmills - Choose Configuation & Options: 

  • Output 80, 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000 TPH
  • Portable or stationary
  • Bins 1-3
  • Danfoss monitor system with digital and tactile controls
  • Water pump, asphalt pump, flow meter, Coriolis meter
  • SCORPION Discharge conveyor, hydraulically folding
  • Systems Equipment PLC, USB, bluetooth, printer
  • Belt scale(s)
  • Hydraulically activated legs
  • Low entry bins 
  • Bin Vibrators 
  • Air cannons
  • Air bag suspension for low entry
  • Grizzly, hydraulically activated
  • Genset onboard, shore-power optional hookups, mirrored controls
  • Horizontal cement and lime silo to connect with pugmill and much more...

Olympus Pugmills - Material Mixing Solutions

  • Cold Mix Asphalt Production, Emulsified Mixtures
  • Road Base Mixing / Stabilization
  • Soil Remediation
  • Soil Mixing & Blending
  • Cement Treated Base
  • Hazardous Soil Remediation, Stabilization, Encapsulation
  • Flowable Backfill
  • Mixing CKD, Lime and Fly Ash used in Soil Stabilization and Solidification
  • Drill Cuttings Stabilization
  • Roller Compacted Concrete Produciton
  • Hydrated Lime Mixed with Aggregate / Asphalt

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