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Pugmill Systems


PavementGroup's SG Pugmill Systems offer you top quality construction and engineering along with prices the competition can't touch! With delivery times of just 4-6 weeks, you can get your equipment when you need it. Don't let the season pass you by!


  • Standard Capacities from 80-500 tph (custom sizes available)
  • Multiple bin configurations: Pugmill Mixer only, 1, 2, or 3 bin systems.
  • Mobility Package
  • AC Pumping System
  • Sauer Danfoss controls and more

Jennings County Indiana is our most recent satisfied customer. Jim Reeves, the highway supervisor, was very pleased with the outcome of his 200 tph pugmill system. The system was configured with 2 bins. Blending a 1/2" minus aggregate , 3% sand, and 5.5% AE-300 provided a top quality cold mix. Jennings County will use the cold mix asphalt for paving many of their secondary roads, as well as for winter pothole repairs.

County Supervisor's Cost Savings Calculation:
Previous Cold patch cost $100/ ton
Pugmill mix production cost at $34/ton
SAVINGS $66/ton

First Day Savings
$66 x 155 tph x 8 hours = $82,000!

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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
UEP-1346 30-50tph + sand screw new unused Portable System EXC, New Unused
New 30-50tph pugmill with twin screw feed bin, cross-conveyor, incline conveyor. Just needs controls. EXC, in PA. Call today to set up an appointment 518-218- 7676

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UEP-1345 2014 Portable System Very Good, Like New
This is an unused complete pugmill system which includes: Portable 30-50tph pugmill Twin screw feed bin Cross-conveyor Incline conveyor Silo with; dust control, air cannon, shakers Electronic controls EXC, in PA This is a rare opportunity to save $250,000 over the cost of a newly built system. Call today to set up an appointment 518-218-7676

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RCC-1 Triton 3 BIN NEW
TRITON 500 TPH Nominal 100 HP - 3 Bin

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PM100-SG Seaman Gunnison PM100-SG NEW 100TPH NEW
Our Pugmill Mixing Plants offer you choices; 100-500 tph, 1-3 bins, portability & AC system, while saving 60k over the competition. Top- end Sauer Danfoss hydraulics with full electronic controls are standard equipment, and we offer you much more. See why Jennings County Indiana Choose Seaman Gunnison pugmill for their cold mix production operation. Call us at 518-218-7676.

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PM200-SG Seaman Gunnison PM200-SG NEW 45'Lx8.2'Wx14'H NEW
Jennings County Indiana is our latest satisfied pugmill customer, producing cold patch for roadway paving and year round repairs. Our Pugmill Plants are offered at 80, 100, 200, 300, and 500 tons per hour, Electrically controlled, liquid pumping system, Sauer Danfoss Hydraulics, portability option & more. Save over $50,000 on your pugmill purchase. We beat the competition on both quality and cost.

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PM300-SG Seaman Gunnison PM300-SG NEW 45'Lx8.2'Wx14'H NEW
Pugmill Plants at 200/300/500 tons per hour, Electrically controlled, Sauer Danfoss Hydraulics, portability option & more, Save over $60,000 Call 518-218-7676

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PM500-SG Seaman Gunnison PM500-SG NEW 45'Lx8.2'Wx14'H NEW
Pugmill Plants at 200, 300, 500 tons per hour, Electrically controlled, Sauer Danfoss Hydraulics, portability option & more, Save over $80,000 Call 518-218-7676

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PM-80-1500 Seaman Gunnison PM80-1500 NEW 80-1500TPH NEW
Our Seaman Gunnison pugmill systems are built in a variety of capacities and configurations from 80-1500tph, skid or trailer mounted. Our latest delivery was to Paul Reed Construction in Nebraska. We offer quick build times, quality engineering and construction at an affordable price. Call one of our experts today for details: 518-218-7676

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SEAMAN GUNNISON PUGMILL MIXER PLANTS offer contractors a highly efficient and cost effective material handling solution. Our pugmills combine a Pugmill Blending System, Computerized Dosage Control, Multi-Bin Configuration, Feed Conveyors, Custom Built Specifications and Precision Manufacturing.

The multi function capability provides an invaluable resource across many industries. Whether you're Stabilize Base with asphalt, fly ash or cement, performing contaminated soil remediation, mixing golf course soils or producing cold mix asphalt, our quality engineering uses the latest technology to take on the most challenging material mixing needs.

Road Base Mixing / Stabilization
Soil Remediation
Cold Mix Asphalt Production, Emulsified Mixtures
Soil Mixing & Blending

Cement Treated Base

Hazardous Soil Remediation, Stabilization, Encapsulation

Flowable Backfill

Fly Ash Stabilization

Cuttings Stabilization

Roller Compacted Concrete

Hydrated Lime Mixed with Aggregate / Asphalt

Available Options:

  • Output: 80, 100, 200, 300, 500 tons/hr
  • Hopper/Bins: Single, Double, Triple Bin
  • Portability Package: On axle portable pugmill. Fully mobile pug mill configuration for simplified transport to and from jobsite
  • Power System: 3-Phase Power or Diesel generator power plant (free standing or on chassis)
  • Asphalt materials pumping system
  • Silos for various applications
  • NOTE: Other Options and Configurations are available - Call for details.


  • Pugmill Blending System
  • Computerized Dosage Control
  • Multi-Bin Configuration
  • Multi-Material Feed Sytem
  • Highly Efficient & Cost Effective Pugmill Mixing System
  • SEE MFG BROCHURE ON Product Details TAB!

CALL TODAY: 1-518-218-7676

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