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Tank Trucks & Trailers

Used Water Trucks, Fuel Trucks, Sanitary Tankers, Edible Tankers, Trailers & Tanks - We stock a wide selection of used water trucks for sale.  We also stock used fuel trucks, used milk trucks, used fire trucks & tenders, used vacuum trucks and used stainless steel trucks for sale. If you don't need the truck and prefer just the tank, you'll find a selection of used water tanks, water trailers, fuel tanks and stainless steel tanks. Give us a call 1-518-218-7676.

Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEW-2110 Potable 500 GAL
500 Gallon Potable Water Trailer

UEW-1106 HXL400WV 2008
Masport HXL400WV Water Pump - Call 518-218-7676

CEP-4270 Caterpillar 2000
Sterling Caterpillar Rodder Truck

CEW-2107 Walker 3A 2008 6700 GAL
Walker 6700 Gal Insulated Food Grade Trailer

CEW-2104 Int'l 4300 2005 2000 GAL
2000 Gallon Water Truck International 4300

CEP-3864 Vactor T8500 1998
GMC T8500 Vactor Vacuum Jetter Truck

CEF-1016 2003 3000 GAL
Fuel Truck 3000 Gallon Progress Aluminum Tank

CEW-2063 4000 Gallons
4000 Gallon New Water Tank Used Truck-monitor/cannon

CEW-2053 2001 6500 Gallons Good
Stainless Steel 6500 Gallon Brenner Water Tank


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