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Tank Trucks & Trailers

Used Water Trucks, Fuel Trucks, Sanitary Tankers, Edible Tankers, Trailers & Tanks - We stock a wide selection of used water trucks for sale.  We also stock used fuel trucks, used milk trucks, used fire trucks & tenders, used vacuum trucks and used stainless steel trucks for sale. If you don't need the truck and prefer just the tank, you'll find a selection of used water tanks, water trailers, fuel tanks and stainless steel tanks. Give us a call 1-518-218-7676.

Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEP-4663 2016 Good
Compact, powerful and safe. The dry vacuum Aero-Excavator has been designed to excavate quickly and effectively in small spaces such as backyards, private alleys, construction sites and hard to reach places. This machine greatly reduces excavation time while its compact size and lightweight form factor are minimizing the impact on the landscape. This system is safe to use around tree roots and existing infrastructure. Call 518-218-7676 for details


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