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PavementGroup Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Details

Get the peace of mind you deserve!

At PavementGroup, we don't just kick the tires on used equipment and say, "looks good". We go beyond an extra mile to ensure that your machine is delivered in optimal condition, fully functioning (as it should be) and ready to go to work, without hiccups. When you invest in one of our Certified Pre-Owned machines, your investing in PavementGroup and we aim to exceed your expectations. Every machine is serviced, repaired, tested, retested and then field tested under working conditions for several hours. 

We back that up with a 90-day parts warranty


  • Inbound used equipment undergoes inspection to see if it qualifies for our CPO program
  • Qualifying equipment undergoes 50+ point inspection
  • All machine systems are inspected (burner, hydraulic, pumps, engine, chassis, wheels, lights, electric, etc.)
  • Machine is serviced, repaired, parts replaced as needed
  • Shop-testing is pefromed and equipment is inspected by a senior technician
  • Field testing is conducted under full-load, under working conditions, for several hours
  • Video is created of full operational walk-around with commentary by our service personnel
  • Equipment receives formal CPO certification
  • 90-day parts warranty is added
  • PavementGroup  SUBSCRIBES are sent notification that a Certified machine is available
  • Purchasing customers received everything they deserve and more

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