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Asphalt Hot Boxes

Hot Boxes
Hot Boxes / Asphalt Reclaimers - Our hot box reclaimers are designed to heat, reheat, reclaim and recycle asphalt materials and are available in trailer, truck, or slip-in style mounting. Hot boxes allow contractors and municipalities to haul heated asphalt while the thermostat maintains hot mix temperature. Ideal for winter use.  Tilt and auger discharge are available. Asphalt chunks can be reclaimed via an over-night heater.  Our asphalt recyclers recycle RAP asphalt pieces into quality reuseable hotmix. 

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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
KM1-8 KM International Hotbox Reclaimer NEW 0.5 TPH - 4 TPH New
HotBox Reclaimer 1/2 to 4 TPH, Skid or Trailered, electric or hydraulic brakes, propane or diesel heated, dump option

RT-CM2 Ray Tech Mini-Combo NEW 2 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared Mini Combo 2 Ton Reclaimer

RT-C4 Ray Tech 6x8 NEW 4 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared Combo 4 Ton Reclaimer

RT-RC4000 Ray Tech RC-4000 NEW 2 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared RC4000 Two Ton Trailer-Mounted Reclaimer/Hotbox

RT-RC6000 Ray Tech RC-6000 NEW 3 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared RC6000 Three Ton Trailer-Mounted Reclaimer/Hotbox

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RT-RC8000 Ray Tech RC-8000 NEW 4 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared RC8000 Four Ton Trailer-Mounted Reclaimer/Hotbox

RT-SR8000 Ray Tech SR-8000 NEW 4 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared SR8000 4 Ton Capacity Storage Box on Trailer

RT-RC1600D Ray Tech RC-16000D NEW 8 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared RC16000D Eight Ton Trailer-Mounted Reclaimer/Hotbox

CEP-2047 NEW 1.75cy /2-3 ton New
Hot Box HDE 1.75CY 3 Ton Reclaimer


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