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NEW Pavement Maintenance Equipment

PavementGroup.com is where professional contractors shop for new and used paving equipment. We offer everything a paving contractor could need, such as: Asphalt Pavers, Asphalt Recyclers (from 1-15 tph), Crack Sealing Kettles (from 75-400 gallons), Mini Melter applicators, Asphalt Pavers, Infrared Heaters, Hot Boxes of many styles and sizes, Asphalt Distributors, and more.  Call 888-999-2660 or 518-218-7676 for details.

Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
PG Megavibe-3372 FYL-D600 NEW Drum 16.7” New
PG Megavibe-3372 Vibratory Walk-Behind Roller

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RCC-1 Triton 3 BIN NEW
TRITON 500 TPH Nominal 100 HP - 3 Bin

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PG-IRR Instarmac NEW 52 Pails/PLT
First Time Permanent Instant Road Repair

PG-PPR Instarmac NEW 52 Pails/PLT
Instarmac Permanent Pothole Repair

PG-SCJ Instarmac NEW 12 Cans/Case
Instarmac SCJ Cold Joint Sealer Spray / Tack Sealer The ONLY tack coat spray CAN in the WORLD!

UEP-1371 Crafco Poly-Flex NEW 2+ Pallets NEW
We have a great deal on 2 leftover pallets of Crafco Poly Flex Type 2 Crack Filler. Don't miss it! 518-218-7676 Crafco Part # 3451-36

CEP-4436 Wenger X-185 NEW
Wenger X185 Extruder - (NEVER INSTALLED) Pet Food System

CEP-4427 4TP 2018 4 TON NEW!
In Stock, 4-ton capacity asphalt hotbox trailer, dual axle trailer, dual side shovel compartments, with a plate compactor and boom-lift, brand new! For Sale 518-218-7676

CRE-108CS Concord Road EQ NEW 108" - 120" NEW
The Concord Gravity Feed Chip Spreader is a simple and cost effective machine for spreading all types of aggregate. This heavy duty deluxe spreader features a 1/4 inch thick rigid frame, and a one-piece sliding floor that is adjustable at either end of the unit in 1/2 inch increments to a maximum opening of 4 inches

SY-2PJC Senya Tech Senya 2 Portable New 10,000 Lbs, portable New
Our Senya 2 Jaw Crusher is fully portable at only 10,000 Lbs. Put your 3/4 ton pickup to work. You get industrial performance from our all electric crusher! 518-218-7676

UEP-1346 30-50tph + sand screw new unused Portable System EXC, New Unused
New 30-50tph pugmill with twin screw feed bin, cross-conveyor, incline conveyor. Just needs controls. EXC, in PA. Call today to set up an appointment 518-218- 7676

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CEP-4380 Other 600
Our Gundlach crusher was manufactured in 2009 by Terra Source with current technology. HP 100, Roll RPM 360,Right hand drive Weight 21,200 Lbs. Serial Number 4060S2582, TPH 400STPH Designed for 50PCF, 50-52 HGI 19% moisture, 12% ash maximum material. For more information call 518-2218-7676

SY-3in1-IC Senya Tech KF1214 2'-3' feedstock New
The Senya 3 in 1 is electrically powered for reliability with an output of 150-200 tons per hour of crushed material. The 3 in 1 is fully portable with vibrating screen attached and 3 screen layers. It will accept feedstock 2-3 feet. This is the perfect machine for a productive quarry that aims to crush at least 1,200 tons on a normal working day.

SY-600JC Senya Tech 600
Our electrically powered PP600 Jaw Crusher gives you 60-100 tons per hour of crushed material and reliably without the headaches associated with hydraulic systems. The 600 is fully portable and features 3 conveyors; aggregate conveyor, metal conveyor and a dirt conveyor. It has a manway around the front for visual access. The steel frame uses 100psi steel which reduces the torque associated with moving it around. The PP600 is lightweight and highly reliable. Come see one operate today nearby Raleigh, North Carolina. Find out why our Senya 600 is taking US customers by storm. 518-218-7676

PM-80-1500 Seaman Gunnison PM80-1500 NEW 80-1500TPH NEW
Our Seaman Gunnison pugmill systems are built in a variety of capacities and configurations from 80-1500tph, skid or trailer mounted. Our latest delivery was to Paul Reed Construction in Nebraska. We offer quick build times, quality engineering and construction at an affordable price. Call one of our experts today for details: 518-218-7676

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NE-PowrLiner3500 NEW 120cc 4.0hp New
The Titan PowrLiner 3500 ships for FREE. ENTER PROMO CODE: STRIPEIT for your $15 discount Call Today: 1-518-218-7676

DMS-2000 PavementGroup DMS-2000 NEW L 174" (184" with spraybar) New
Our 2000 gallon asphalt emulsion spray tank offers you an industry leading 15 month manufacturer warranty! With over 200 satisfied customers and counting, get the peace of mind you deserve at a fraction of the cost. Why pay Etnyre prices? We have quick turn-around. Call us today and learn why Pavementgroup's Stratos is leading the industry, 518-218-7676

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DMS-400 PavementGroup DMS-400 NEW L 10' x W 64" x H 59" New
STRATOS 400 Gallon Asphalt Distributor Skid Mounted -- engineered and designed for spraying emulsion products such as CSS-1h, CRS-2, HFRS-2 and the full range of emulsion products.

DMS-600 PavementGroup DMS-600 NEW 144", 153" with spraybar New
STRATOS 600 Gallon asphalt emulsion distributor. Skid Mounted, engineered and designed for spraying emulsion products such as CSS-1h, CRS-2, HFRS-2 and the full range of emulsion products. Reliability is guaranteed with a 15 month industry leading warranty. Call 518-218-7676

DMS-1000 PavementGroup DMS-1000 NEW 13' New
The Pavementgroup STRATOS 1000 gallon emulsion spray is skid-mounted and engineered for dependability. It sprays over 32 emulsion products such as CSS-1h, CRS-2, HFRS-2. Ask about our industry leading 15 MONTH WARRANTY

UEP-1345 2014 Portable System Very Good, Like New
This is an unused complete pugmill system which includes: Portable 30-50tph pugmill Twin screw feed bin Cross-conveyor Incline conveyor Silo with; dust control, air cannon, shakers Electronic controls EXC, in PA This is a rare opportunity to save $250,000 over the cost of a newly built system. Call today to set up an appointment 518-218-7676

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PG-IR1 Infrared Heater PavementGroup PG-IR1 Infrared NEW 4'x3'4" and 6'8"x2' NEW
The PG-IR1 Infrared asphalt heater offers 2 infrared heating positions, 4'x3'4" and 6'8"x2'. It is a push style, easy to maneuver over the repair site. The PG-IR1 is lightweight at just 210Lbs. Great for pavement patching, joint rprs & bridge decks!

ARMS Pumps - German Bearings and Brass Impellar STANDARD!!!

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KM-LB-2-16 M1 KM International LB 2-16 NEW 16 SQ Ft. New

KM4-40 KM International KM4-40 NEW 5' x 8' New

KM2-18X KM International KM2-18X NEW 300K BTU New

KM-55 KM International KM55 NEW 55 GAL New

KM-CJII KM International CJII NEW 2800˚F @ 90 CFM New
Crack Jet II Heat Lance - Crack Preparation Tool

KM1-8 KM International Hotbox Reclaimer NEW 0.5 TPH - 4 TPH New
HotBox Reclaimer 1/2 to 4 TPH, Skid or Trailered, electric or hydraulic brakes, propane or diesel heated, dump option

KM-T2 KM International C1M1 NEW 4 TPH New
Asphalt Recycler Diesel Fired Burner

CEP-4103 10HP Motor NEW 13' X 6' BY 5'
New Shingle Feeder Bin

APR-ARP NEW 45 bx/pallet New
APR Asphalt Rejuvenator Pillows

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DMI-250 RB-250 NEW 250 TPH New
Parallel-Flow PORTABLE Asphalt Plant

ROTARY screening attachments for 7 to 28 ton carriers Ideal for TOPSOIL, WASTE, RECLAMATION, AND RECYCLING

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High output Star screening attachments for TOPSOIL, COMPOST & WASTE for 3 to 28 ton carriers

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RT-MT Ray Tech Mini NEW 42”L x 48”W New
Ray-Tech Infrared Mini Tech Walk-Behind Heating Chamber

RT-T108 Ray Tech Tech108 NEW 9’L x 2’8”W New
Ray-Tech Infrared Tech 108 Heating Chamber

RT-T78 Ray Tech Tech78 NEW 6’L x 13’W New
Ray-Tech Infrared Tech 78 Tri-Fold Heating Chamber

RT-T48 Ray Tech Tech48 NEW 6”L x 8’W New
Ray-Tech Infrared Tech 48 Heating Chamber

RT-T36 Ray Tech Tech36 NEW 3’4”L x 13’W New
Ray-Tech Infrared Tech 36 Bi-Fold Infrared Heating Chamber

RT-T20 Ray Tech Tech20 NEW 5½’L x 4’W New
Ray-Tech Infrared Tech 20 Trailer-Mounted Heating Chamber

RT-C4 Ray Tech 6x8 NEW 4 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared Combo 4 Ton Reclaimer

RT-CM2 Ray Tech Mini-Combo NEW 2 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared Mini Combo 2 Ton Reclaimer

RT-SR8000 Ray Tech SR-8000 NEW 4 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared SR8000 4 Ton Capacity Storage Box on Trailer

RT-RC1600D Ray Tech RC-16000D NEW 8 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared RC16000D Eight Ton Trailer-Mounted Reclaimer/Hotbox

RT-RC8000 Ray Tech RC-8000 NEW 4 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared RC8000 Four Ton Trailer-Mounted Reclaimer/Hotbox

RT-RC6000 Ray Tech RC-6000 NEW 3 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared RC6000 Three Ton Trailer-Mounted Reclaimer/Hotbox

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RT-RC4000 Ray Tech RC-4000 NEW 2 TON New
Ray-Tech Infrared RC4000 Two Ton Trailer-Mounted Reclaimer/Hotbox

RT-TMV2M Ray-Tech Infrared TMV2M NEW 6' X 8' New
Ray-Tech Infrared MINI Two Ton Total Maintenance Vehicle

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RT-TMV2 Ray-Tech Infrared TMV2 NEW 6' X 8' New
Ray-Tech Infrared Two Ton Total Maintenance Vehicle

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