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Water Tank Kits

Water Tanks Kits

Our DIY tanks are an affordable solution to a truck mounted tank.  We provide a fully completed water tank with several standard features. Other components are provided in kit form for mounting by your staff.
Tank Capacities: 500-6500 gallons
Tank Materials: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Food Grade Tanks
Ideal for: Dust Control, Fire Tenders, Street Cleaning, Irrigation, Potable Water, Military, Oil Sand Fields, Hydrofraking, etc...
Ideal for contractors, multi-nationals, governments and the military.

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Do-It-Yourself Water Tank Kits Include:

    Tank in desired gallon capacity
    Primer Coated
    Installed 5 Air Cab Controlled Spray Kit, with 2 at Front, 2 at Rear, 1 at Side
    Monarch or Berkeley pump
    Ladder mounted at rear
    2 lift eyes mounted at top
    Installed Manhole located at top center
    Hydrant Fill at rear of tank
    Water Level Site Tube (1 front, 1 rear)
    Fender Kit
    Tie Down Kit
    Inlet/Discharge Plumbing Kit (Optional - POR)
    DOT Light Kit
    Mud Flap Kit


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