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Hot Air Lance Equipment

Hot Air Lances

Hot Air Lance Equipment: Heat Lances and Preparation are the keys to successful crack sealing. Preparation of pavement cracks is an important step in successful sealant preparation. Heat lancing the cracks prior to sealant installation provides clean surfaces for sealant application, 40% greater chance of sealant success, a clean dry reservoir and sidewalls, for sealant adhesion. The chances of good sealant bonding are reduced by several factors including cold temperatures, dirt and moisture. This is where hot air lances step ahead in the game. So if you’re looking for a sure advantage over your competition seriously consider using a hot air lance on your next commercial job.
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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
KM-CJII KM International CJII NEW 2800˚F @ 90 CFM New
Crack Jet II Heat Lance - Crack Preparation Tool

PT-1047 LAB Stinger NEW 5.5 HP New
Our All-In-One Stinger Portable hot air Heat Lance significantly enhances the adhesion of any sealant to asphalt, Reduced Prices Call 518-218-7676

PT-1048 LAB Model B NEW New
Model B Flame Free Heat Lance - For 100-150 cfm compressor, ready to go 518-218-7676

PT-1049 LAB Model C NEW 150+ cfm New
Model C Blaster Flame Free Heat Lance - For 150+ cfm compressors

PT-1050 LAB Hotshot NEW 60-100 cfm New
Hotshot Heat Lance - For 60-100 cfm & melter/compressor combo units


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