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Used Asphalt Tankers

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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEP-4487 Etnyre C7500 2005 2000 GAL Runs and Operates 100%
Here's a used 2005 GMC C7500 Etnyre Centennial with a 2000 Gal Capacity Tank; it's for sale! The asphalt distributor truck has just been serviced and several new hoses replaced!

CEP-4481 15500 GAL USED
A Used 15,500 GAL Coiled Asphalt Tank is for Sale, find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! This tank is insulated, and has the end user in mind with features for re-circulation, with the unloading pump and return valves!

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CEP-4480 2011 10500 GAL USED
A Used 10,500 GAL Portable Asphalt Tank is for Sale, find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! This Asphalt and PMAC Storage Tank can be yours today! Made in 2011, the burners are rated at 800,000 BTUs! Dual-agitator and hot oil circulating systems!

CEP-4472 30' ~10 Yrs 8400 GAL Used
This is a used 8400 GAL Slurry Seal Tank; and it's for Sale! The tank is empty and is approximately 10 years old. It's 30 ft tall, includes an agitator already hooked up to the tank, and will be reinspected shortly!

CEP-4438 Heatec ASTEC 30K GAL
Portable Heatec 30,000 Gallon DF AC Tank

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CEP-4366 A.C. Tank 75K GAL
75,000 Gallons of Storage AC Tanks

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CEP-4226 Gencor 2-ETS 2000 GAL
Gencor 2000 Gallon Asphalt Tanks (3)

CEP-4106 15 HP 15K Gal

CEP-3913 1989 20K GAL
20,000 Gallon Portable Hot Oil Storage Tank

CEP-3886 30K GAL
30K Gallon Split Tank Asphalt Tanker

CEP-3847 Etnyre F-800 1998 2000 GAL
2000 Gallon Asphalt Distributor Etnyre Blacktopper

CEP-3420 30K Gal
use 30,000 gallon INFERNOTHERM asphalt tank, direct fire with unloading pump assembly, Maine

CEP-2211 Etnyre 1992 1590 Gal Liq. Asphalt
Etnyre BT Blacktopper Asphalt Distributor Tank 1590 gal water 1590 Gal Liquid Asphalt - Like New


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