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We offer electrically heated hoses, nonheated hoses, conversion kits for converting a nonheated hose system into a heated hose system, wands and cradles. Our hoses provide superior performance to OEM hoses by Crafco, Cimline, Marathon, Seal Master and others.

Electric Hose - For all Cimline Melters - Fits all Crafco Melters - Superior to Original Equipment! 

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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
PT-3042 Crafco NEW 18' New
Heated Hose 18’ for Crafco

PT-3045 Cimline NEW 20' NEW
20’ electrically heated hose for Cimline Crack Sealing Kettles = improved flexibility, heating and lighter than Cimline hoses.

PT-3046 Crafco NEW 20'
Non-Heated Hose - Guardian 20' - Unlike other designs on the market, the Guardian Hose has a removable protective sleeve and built-in swivels!

Electrically heated and non-heated  high-temperature hoses providing superior performance to Crafco and Cimline OEM hoses, at considerably lower prices. 
*Hose features: 50% lighter, twice as flexible, with a better quality hose shroud. Electrically heated hoses featuring 6 independent electric heating elements. If an element/s are damaged/ broken, the others heating elements will continue to function properly. 
Hose conversion kit will allow you to turn any nonheated hose system, such as a Crafco EZ, into a fully heated hose system while delivering greater performance than a Crafco SS kettle. Our thermostatically controlled hoses heat up quicker while offering greater reliability. 

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