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Used Asphalt Hot Boxes

Used Hot Boxes
Used Asphalt Hot Boxes: We offer quality Used Asphalt Hot Boxes for sale. Our Asphalt storage boxes are used for storing, hauling and dispensing hot asphalt for year round pavement repairs. We have a wide selection of in stock asphalt patching equipment to meet your needs and budget. We carry trailer mounted units with a 2-5 yard capacity and truck mounted patch trucks.

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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEP-4723 Falcon 1-Ton
1-Ton Falcon Mini Slip-in Asphalt Heater - Good Condition

CEP-4718 KM International 4 TON 2014 4-TON USED
Used 4-Ton KM Hot Box for Sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! This KM 8000TEDD Hot Box is in ready to work condition.

CEP-4706 Falcon 4TON 2023 4-TON USED
4-Ton Falcon Asphalt Hot Box Trailer 2023 Dealer Demo – Lightly Used Triple Wall Construction and Fully Insulated Automatic Temperature Control

CEP-4697 Ray Tech 2TON 2001 2TON Used
2001 Ray Tech Infrared 2ton Propane Hotbox

CEP-4693 Kasi 4R 4TON 2010 4 TON Used
2010 KASI Infrared 4R 4ton propane hotbox reclaimer


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