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USED Pavement Maintenance Equipment

PavementGroup.com has a wide selection of USED and REFURBISHED Pavement Maintenance Equipment.  We stock: Asphalt Pavers, Asphalt Recyclers (1-15 tph), Crack Sealing Kettles (75-400 gallons), Mini Melter applicators, Asphalt Pavers, Infrared Heaters (fold out, 4x8, paver mounted) Hot Boxes (1-7cy capacity), Pothole Patch Trucks (4-8cy, auger discharge, tip style) Asphalt Distributors and more. Call 888-999-2660 for details.
Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
UEP-1359 Crafco E-Z Pour Mid 90's 200 gal used welll-maintained
Used Crafco EZ200P Propane fired, 90's model very-well maintained, newer pump, newer hoses and heat transfer oil, For Sale, Serviced and tested PavementGroup 518-218-7676

RENT IT! $3,000/mo
UEP-1357 Kasi IR480 2014 8x6 panel New, Never Used
Don't miss our 2014 New, never used, Kasi IR 480 trailer mounted Infrared relaimer for sale with Vibco roller, 8x6 infrared, 2Ton hot box. Includes: 90 DAY PARTS WARRANTY

RENT IT! $5,000/mo
UEP-1358 Cimline 110 Magma 2005 110 GAL Very Good
This is a very nice, super low-hour machine, in very good condition. It is currently in our shop being serviced and tested. Details: Cimline 110 Magma Crack Kettle for sale Only 430 hours, 2005, stored indoors, municipally owned and well maintained, 30-day parts warranty PavementGroup 518-218-7676

RENT IT! $4,800/mo
CEP-4360 Astec Jet Pulse 40-45K ACFM
40-45,000 ACFM ASTEC Baghouse

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CEP-4359 KM International KM-4000 2005 2 TON
KM 4000 2 Ton Hotbox Reclaimer on 2005 GMC 3500 Flatbed Truck

CEP-4358 140/160 Ton 300 TON Total
2 Silo Package 300 TONS of Storage

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CEP-4357 12-732 66K ACFM
EssTee 66000 ACFM Baghouse

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CEP-4356 Mark III Size 30
Drying Package, or Plant Upgrade - Alpha Mark III

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CEP-4355 Almix 5 Bin 2018 250TPH
2018 Almix Portable Counterflow Drum Plant 250 TPH

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CEP-4354 Barber Greene 50-TON
Portable Barber Greene 50 Ton Silo w/ Bucket Elevator

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CEP-4351 PF Portable 7' x 42'
ASTEC 7'x42' PF Portable Sand Dryer

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CEW-2110 Potable 500 GAL
500 Gallon Potable Water Trailer

CEP-4350 Wirtgen W-2000 2000 6' Drum
2000 Wirtgen W2000 Milling Machine

CEP-4349 Wirtgen W-2200 2008 7' 2" Drum
2008 Wirtgen W2200 Milling Machine

UEP-1343 Ray Tech Mini-Combo NEW 2 TON Used never used
We have for sale a Ray-Tech Infrared Mini Combo 2 Ton, 2006 which has never been used!! Serviced, ready to go to work! 30 day parts warranty, For Sale 518-218-7676

RENT IT! $4,500/mo
CEP-4348 CWMF Dust-Eater 90K CFM
Portable 90,000 ACFM Baghouse, CWMF, Dust-Eater

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CEP-4347 StanSteel CMI RA 418 2009 250-300 TPH
Counterflow Drum Plant 250-200 TPH with 3 Silos

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CEP-4346 Gencor 1997 85-TON
Portable Gencor 85 Ton Silo & Transfer Slat 300TPH

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CEP-4345 CMI Almix 8032 175-200TPH
Portable 175 - 200TPH Drum Plant

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CEP-4344 Barber Greene BE-50 6000 LB
6000 lb BE 50 Barber Greene Batch Plant

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CEP-4197 Cedarapids CR-361 8' - 16'
Cedarapids CR 361 Grayhound Paver

CEP-4342 Rosco RA-400 2012 300 Gal
Rosco RA 400 Inject Spray Patch Truck "The Patcher"

CEP-4337 Cimline 230 Magma 2006 230 GAL
230 Magma Cimline Crack Kettle

CEP-4336 8x6 1987 2 TON
8x6 Infrared 2 Ton Hot Box Combo

CEP-4335 360-Degree 15' 4”
360 Degree Portable Asphalt Control House

CEP-4333 Barber Greene 8X40 2002 65K CFM
Barber Green Drum ASTEC Baghouse CBS fire system

CEP-4334 GMC RoadPatcher 2009 T7500
2009 GMC T7500 S-A RoadPatcher

CEP-4332 KM International KM 4-48 2x4 & 4x4
KM 4-48 Infrared Asphalt Heater

CEP-4330 Wirtgen W-2200 2006 7' 2" Drum
2006 Wirtgen W2200

CEP-4331 Rosco RA-2000 2009

CEP-4328 Cimline 110 Magma 2007 110 GAL
Cimline 110 Magma Crack Kettle

CEP-4326 Crafco SS-125 2008
Crafco SS125 Crack Sealing Kettle

CEP-4324 Leeboy 1000D 2004
2004 LeeBoy 1000D Paver

CEP-4327 Cimline 230 Magma 2001 230 GAL
Crack Kettle Cimline 230 Magma

CEP-4325 Cimline 230 Magma 2008 230 GAL
Cimline Crack Kettle 230 Magma

CEP-4322 Cimline 230 Magma 2008 230 GAL
Cimline 230 Magma Crack Kettle

CEP-4320 200 TON ea 600 TON Total

CEP-4249 TSAP-2000P 2012 170TPH

CEP-4156 CMI UDM-1200 1980 150-200TPH
Portable CMI PF Drum Plant 150-200 TPH

CEP-4316 RAP Crusher 50TPH
HammerMill RAP Crusher

CEP-4315 100 TON 100 TPH
Portable 100 TON Silo Package

CEP-4313 J8408
Portable, Dual Bin Cold Feed hopper for sale, Staten Island NY, available for inspection Call 518-218-7676

CEP-4312 Mauldin 2009 2000 GAL
2000 Gallon Mauldin Distributor - current Clean Air Idle CA Emissions Certificate

UEP-1340 Stepp Mfg SPHD-3.0 2011 4 TON
2011 Stepp SPHD 3.0 Oil-Jacketed Asphalt Patch Trailer

CER-2255 Garlock '85 - '89 72 Feet
(3) 72' Garlock Conveyors - Multiple Unit discount!

UEP-1339 Kasi Proheat Minuteman 2012 8x6 panel, 2 ton box
PERFECT CONDITION 2012 Kasi Proheat Minuteman Infrared 8x6 2Ton hot box, with Vibco roller. Don't Miss It! Includes 90 DAY PARTS WARRANTY, 518-218-7676

RENT IT! $0/mo
CEP-4301 Pugmill Systems 1500LS Good
We have for sale a never used, Pugmill Systems pugmill and ancillary equipment. Based upon the motor size (two, 100hp motors) we estimate the pugmill output capacity to be approximately 1000-1500tph. Other items, as shown in the photographs are included with the purchase and appear to include the following: silo, stationary support frame, cold feed bins, feed conveyors and control panels. NOTE: The photo which shows the system all setup, was taken years ago when the pugmill was first purchased and setup. It's important to know that some components shown in that photo, are no longer available and not included with the package. We are acting as a broker and the information we convey is based solely upon that which we receive from the seller. Therefore, customers will be required to perform a site visit, take inventory of what's there, evaluate condition and components, before we will accept purchase or payment. Equipment is sold AS IS WHERE IS. The system is broken down and ready for transport. Crane loadout is included, although customer assumes all liability for loadout. Plant is mostly ready for transport, additional breakdown is customer's responsibility. Offered for sale As Is Where Is We've been told that the pugmill was never used and that the motors were checked in the past few years and were still dry at that time. We are told that the other included components were used at their time of purchase. Available for inspection by appointment in Staten Island NY, Call us at 518-218-7676

UEW-1106 HXL400WV 2008
Masport HXL400WV Water Pump - Call 518-218-7676

CER-2253 FBR-6-41 2007
Cleasby Shingle Roofing Conveyor

CEP-4311 Rosco F800 1995 2000 GAL
2000 Gallon Rosco Distributor

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