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USED Pavement Maintenance Equipment

PavementGroup.com has a wide selection of USED and REFURBISHED Pavement Maintenance Equipment.  We stock: Asphalt Pavers, Asphalt Recyclers (1-15 tph), Crack Sealing Kettles (75-400 gallons), Mini Melter applicators, Asphalt Pavers, Infrared Heaters (fold out, 4x8, paver mounted) Hot Boxes (1-7cy capacity), Pothole Patch Trucks (4-8cy, auger discharge, tip style) Asphalt Distributors and more. Call 888-999-2660 for details.
Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CER-2294 Garlock Genesis 400 USED 400 GAL Used
Used Garlock Genesis 400 Gallon Roofing Kettle is for sale! This Garlock has a 400 Gallon Capacity and includes a new Honda engine! Ready to WORK!

UEP-1384 Falcon Non-Dump 2009 4-TON Used - Working
This used 4 TON Falcon Non-Dumping Hot Box is for sale! It features a 105,000 BTU diesel burner, a 12 Volt Battery, a yellow coat of paint, and a tandem axle trailer frame! It starts and runs!

CEP-4488 Spaulding Road Saver RMV 2018 4 TON Used
Here's a Used 2018 Spaulding 4 Ton Asphalt Recycler; and it's for sale! This Asphalt Recycler & Hot Box Trailer features several meters, including those for hours and volts, an Automatic Temperature Control, Complete insulation, and a clean coat of Orange paint! It can be yours today!

CER-2293 Garlock Genesis 600 600 GAL Used
Used Garlock Genesis 600 Gallon Roofing Kettle is for sale! This Garlock has a 600 Gallon Capacity and includes a fume recovery lid! Ready to SHIP!

CEP-4012 Kasi FL-70 2009

CER-2292 Garlock 175 175 GAL Used
We've got a Garlock 175 Gallon Roofing Kettle for sale! This Garlock Pumper Kettle has a NEW Honda Engine, NEW Tires, and a Propane Burner! It can be yours!

CEP-4485 Kasi IR-480 Factory Refurbished 8 Inverters! Factory Refurbished
Here is a Factory Refurbished Kasi IR-480 Infrared Asphalt Heater for Sale! This unit has a NEW 8 Inverter System and a sleek, freshly-painted black coat; don't miss out!

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CEP-4486 Falcon 2014 4-TON Excellent
Here is a used Falcon 4-Ton Hot Box Recycler for Sale! The Falcon unit has a coat of black paint and the Owner's Manual is included!

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CER-2291 Reeves Reeves 265 2003 265 GAL Used
Here is a used 265 GAL Reeves Roofing Kettle for Sale! It's a 2003 Reeves Kettle with a 265 gallon capacity, Propane-fired burner, and there's a video demonstration coming soon!

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CEP-4484 Bergkamp SR-10 2006 1799 HOURS Used - Running
Used Bergkamp SR10 Micropaver for Sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! This Bergkamp Micropaver runs and operates and has less than 2000 hours!

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CEP-4483 Ford Pro Patch 2006 122K Miles
Here's a Pro Patch Ford Pot Hole Patcher Truck for Sale! It's been municipally maintained, so you know it's in good condition! Jack hammer included with the Pro Patch Body! It's on a 2006 Ford F750 XL Chassis; fully operational and ready for work!

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CEP-4473 Ray Tech Mini-Combo 2002 Infrared Used - Clean
Another used Ray Tech Infrared Hot Box Mini Combo is for Sale! It's a 2002 Mini Combo trailer that needs some repair, but is still in good shape. The prior owner took care of this unit - Very clean condition, good paint, it's been stored outside, and hasn't been used for a couple of years. It has a title, and boom for roller but no roller or compactor. This can be yours!

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CEP-4481 15500 GAL USED
A Used 15,500 GAL Coiled Asphalt Tank is for Sale, find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! This tank is insulated, and has the end user in mind with features for re-circulation, with the unloading pump and return valves!

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CEP-4480 2011 10500 GAL USED
A Used 10,500 GAL Portable Asphalt Tank is for Sale, find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! This Asphalt and PMAC Storage Tank can be yours today! Made in 2011, the burners are rated at 800,000 BTUs! Dual-agitator and hot oil circulating systems!

UEP-1389 Spaulding CSDF-130 2002 Used
2002 Spaulding Hot Crack Filler

UEP-1381 Stepp Mfg SPHD-3.0 2014 4 TON
Used 2014 Stepp SPHD3.0 Hot Box for Sale, Visit us at PavementGroup.Com! Stepp Mfg’s SPHD dump style pothole patcher is the King of Hot Boxes, designed with the end user in mind. The low profile design and dumping capabilities, joined with an oil jacketed heating system, make this the most advanced patching trailer in the world. The Stepp SPHD Dump Trailer is designed with the GREEN friendly exhaust that is reused for better burner efficiency; putting the environment first and putting GREEN back in your pocket!

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UEP-1387 KM International KM8000SXPX 2016 4 TON Used - Works
Used 2016 KM-8000SXPX 4-Ton Hot Box for Sale, Visit us at PavementGroup.Com! This KM International 4-Ton hot box has mild rust, but as you'll see, it's in good working condition! Don't miss this 2016 model!

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CEP-4474 Neal Mfg 1999 550 GAL Used
Used Neal 550 Gal Sealcoating Machine for Sale, Only at PavementGroup.Com! This Sealcoating machine is Dual axle trailer unit, has a 550 Gallon capacity, and needs replacement leather. The tanks, hoses, and pump have been cleaned out. It has a gas engine with electric start and pull cord. The piston pump is a 50gpm Neal pump. Includes an approx. 100' spray hose with a wand and tip (no bar). This yellow and black Sealcoating machine can be yours today!

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CEP-4472 30' ~10 Yrs 8400 GAL Used
This is a used 8400 GAL Slurry Seal Tank; and it's for Sale! The tank is empty and is approximately 10 years old. It's 30 ft tall, includes an agitator already hooked up to the tank, and will be reinspected shortly!

UEP-1378 Falcon Falcon Reclaimer Used 4-TON Used - Working
This used 4 TON Falcon HotBox Reclaimer is for sale! It features 3 diesel burners, a 3.5 HP Honda motor for pumping tack through a trigger style sealing wand, a front hand crank, and dual 7,000 lb axles! It runs, yearly maintenance is performed, and has only minor dents and scratches!

CEP-4468 CMI PRB120C24 2000 24" x 57'
Portable 2000 CMI 500 Rap System

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CEP-4466 Yanke Fabrication 100 TON 400 TPH
Portable 100 TON Silo Package with Weigh Batcher

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CEP-4463 Komplet LETM 4825 2017 23 HP
2017 Komplet LETM 4825 Crusher

CEP-4465 Crafco EZ-100 1991 100 GAL
Crafco EZ Pour 100

UEP-1372 Poweray 1992 4 TON
POWERAY Infrared Corp Heater

CEP-4377 Astec RC-2421321 2005 10'x14'
Astec Recycle Feed System

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CEP-4461 PF Plant 150TPH
Stationary 150TPH Parallel Flow Drum Plant

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CEP-4460 Newman Industries CF Dryer 2017 14,500 CFM
5' x 25' Newman Industries Inc. Counterflow Drying System

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CEP-4459 Ford F550 2003 550 GAL
550 GAL Sealcoating Tank on Ford F550 2003

CEP-4458 Barber Greene Portable 8'x14'
Portable 4-Bin BG Cold Feed

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CEP-4392 Caterpillar Portable 1992 2000KW
Portable 2,000KW Cat Gen-Set

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CEP-4449 Kasi Proheat 2011 2 TON
2011 Kasi ProHeat Minuteman Infrared

CEP-4457 Sterling Etnyre 2008 Centennial II
2008 Sterling ETNYRE Centennial II 3500 GAL

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CEP-4456 International Bergkamp FP5 2012
2012 Intl DuraStar Bergkamp FP5 Pot Hole Patch Truck

CEP-4455 Freightliner MAX II 2003 EZ2-S3
2003 Freightliner CF70 Rosco Maximizer–II Asphalt Distributor

CEP-4454 Stepp Mfg STR-4M 1998 4000 GAL
1998 Stepp Mfg. 4000 GAL Heated Trailer

CEP-4453 Lafarge Thermoplastic
Lafarge Thermoplastic Paint Stripe Kettle Melter Trailer

CEP-4451 Parker
Parker Asphalt Plant Spot Mix

UEP-1376 LeeBoy L150 2002 150 GAL
2002 LeeBoy L150 -- 90 DAY PARTS WARRANTY -- 518-218-7676

UEP-1375 LeeBoy L150 2002 150 GAL
2002 LeeBoy L150 -- 90 DAY PARTS WARRANTY -- 518-218-7676

CEP-4448 McCarter
McCarter Sand Drying Package

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CEP-4447 McCarter 6,500 LBS
6,500lb McCarter Batch Plant

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CEP-4446 CMI 165 TPH
165 TPH CMI Portable Drum Plant with Genset

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CEP-4444 BHS RPMX 1516 2018
2018 BHS Impact Mill

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UEP-1272 Crafco SS-250D 1999 250 GAL
Crafco Super Shot 250 Melter SS250D

CEP-4440 Kasi Proheat Minuteman 2011 8x6 Panel, 2-Ton Box
2011 Kasi 8x6 Infrared Proheat Minuteman 2 Ton Hotbox

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CEP-4409 Twin City 2015 UNUSED
Twin City Fans

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CEP-4438 Heatec ASTEC 30K GAL
Portable Heatec 30,000 Gallon DF AC Tank

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CEP-4436 Wenger X-185 NEW
Wenger X185 Extruder - (NEVER INSTALLED) Pet Food System

CEP-4435 Bomag MPH 364-2 2012
BOMAG Recycler

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