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Asphalt Release & Remover

Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
Z-Release ZorbsMORE
Z-Release, Asphalt Release and cleaner by ZorbsMORE. Industrial strength asphalt remover from surfaces, safe, non-toxic. Releases asphalt from dump trucks bodies, without detriment to the asphalt material. As a release agent, you can cut the material 10/1 or more with water. Spray the bed of your truck, paver screeds, and other asphalt plant equipment. Asphalt will slide out without damaging the asphalt. For cleaning asphalt of steel, and other surfaces, pre-spray the area in a diluted mix of 5/1 or use it in concentrate. This industrial strength material, gives better results than citrus based materials. Environmentally sound and non-toxic, safe to handle. Available in a variety of container sizes.


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