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Terms and Conditions

PavementGroup offers used and consigned products which are provided 'As Is', without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. PavementGroup neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sale of this product. PavementGroup shall not be liable for any loss of profits, business, goodwill, data, interruption of business, nor for incidental or consequential merchantability or fitness of purpose or damages related to this agreement.

New Equipment Product Warranty
Most new products are sold with a warranty. Refer to your warranty contract for details. You may be required to register your item for warranty and or to submit a warranty claim form along with a copy of your bill of sale. Warranty start date begins on the date of delivery regardless of when the item is put into service. For warranty of OEM parts you may need to register the part in a similar manner as noted above and submit your warranty claim directly to the manufacturer.

Used Equipment Product Warranty
Most of our used products do not carry a warranty and are sold as-is. However, some equipment may have a limited warranty covering the value of the machine and/or its parts. PavementGroup has the option of repairing any defective parts or equipment or replacing the part or equipment with new or used parts or equipment. If replacement parts or equipment are not in stock, PavementGroup will make every effort to provide the customer with a replacement part or equipment in as timely a manner as possible.

If a new or used equipment warranty includes service costs, it may be necessary for PavementGroup to send a technician onsite and it is the customer's responsibility to accommodate the necessary access to the equipment for repairs during typical business hours. It may be necessary for the equipment to be brought to a service center in which case it is the customer’s responsibility to load unload and transport the equipment to and from the service center and the customer accepts all liability and costs associated with transportation. Shipping of replacement parts is at the customer’s expense. Parts must be returned to PavementGroup for inspection to determine the cause of failure. Replacement parts costs plus freight are initially at the customer’s expense. Once the customer returns the defective part to PavementGroup, if the cause of failure is due to a manufacturer defect, then the customer will be issued a refund for the cost of the part and shipping.

If a used product warranty is misstated on the website, indicating that there is a warranty when in fact there is no warranty, then the customer's invoice shall prevail in determining whether or not a warranty is included. Warranties may have specific restrictions and these restrictions are outlined on your invoice. Some products sold by or through PavementGroup carry only the warranty of the original manufacturer, at whatever terms that warranty may have been. Products purchased through PavementGroup.com bear no warranty of merchantability, and as such, PavementGroup.com is not responsible for warranty defects of any kind for products purchased through its online shopping cart. Product warranty and defect issues should be addressed directly to the manufacturer of the product in question.

Errors on www.PavementGroup.com and or related documents
While PTIC makes every effort to provide accurate machinery information, we assumes no responsibility for errors and/or omissions, concerning machinery condition or specifications such as but not limited to year, make, model, hours, VIN, serial numbers, that may appear on our website, and or our document or other publications which are referenced, linked or related to items for sale.

Information presented could include technical or other inaccuracies. Changes are periodically added to the information, and PavementGroup may change the product information described in this document at any time. PavementGroup reserves the right to correct errors and/or update the content on www.PavementGroup.com and related documents at any time and without notice.

Contact your local dealer or the equipment manufacturer for further information before relying on any information contained herein.

Photos may show optional equipment or equipment that is not included. Refer to the terms and conditions found on your quotation or invoice to determine what is included with your purchase.

Propane Tanks
Propane tanks are not included with used equipment. Due to FMCSR, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and state shipping regulations (which vary from state to state) propane tanks are 'NOT' include with used equipment. However, If the buyer is picking up the equipment from our facility, then propane tanks may be included.

Cancelation of Orders
PavementGroup reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order containing any error or inaccuracy, including after the order has been submitted, regardless of whether or not the order has been confirmed or your credit card has been charged. If your order is canceled after your payment has been processed, PavementGroup will issue a full refund, in the form of the original payment. In the event that, for any reason, payment cannot be returned to you in original form after cancelation of your order, PavementGroup will issue store credit to you. Store credit may be used to purchase items through www.PavementGroup.com only, has no cash value and is not transferable.

Limitations and Exclusions
PavementGroup reserves the right to change pricing, terms, specifications and warranties without notice. In addition, we may revise these terms and conditions at any time by updating the website.
Online sales are intended for, and limited to, personal use and domestic sales only. We reserve the right to limit the number of products sold, including the right to prohibit sales to re-sellers. Prices listed on www.PavementGroup.com may not include shipping, handling, tax, export duties and insurance.

Payment Types Accepted
MasterCard and Visa
are accepted for certain products. Some products, generally the more expensive products, require payment by cash, check, certified bank check or wire. You may purchase multiple products in a single order. PavementGroup accepts only one credit card for each order. PavementGroup does accept online-only and virtual credit cards issued by MasterCard and Visa only.
Wire Transfers: We accept domestic and international wire payments
Check: Company checks and bank certified funds

Sales tax policy
PavementGroup does business throughout the United States and accordingly collects sales and use tax as required by applicable law. Your confirmation of your order total will reflect any applicable FET (federal excise tax), state and local sales tax. PavementGroup collects sales tax for items sold to customer in New York. PavementGroup is not licensed to collect sales tax for other states. If PavementGroup ships to a business located in New York then the tax rate applied to your order will generally be the combined state and local rate for the address where your order was shipped to. Items picked up from our New York location are taxed at a rate of 8% or the posted state plus Albany County tax rate at the time of your purchase.

Tax Exempt Entities
Tax exempt entities are responsible for submitting to us the proper tax exempt documents.

For any online purchase of a tax-exempt item during a sales tax holiday period, by completing the purchase, you certify that the item is being purchased for personal use only and you agree to assume liability for the applicable tax if the item is used for a purpose other than personal use. You the buyer agree to take full responsibility for the payment of all applicable taxes that may be due in your state or in the state to which the item/s are delivered. For vehicles or trailers being registered with a department of motor vehicle, taxes are often collected by the state agency at the time of registration.

Free Shipping
If free shipping is offered on the website, the shipping is free only if the product is being shipped to one of the US lower 48 states and must be delivered to a 'business' address. If the product is being shipped to what the carrier classifies as a residential address, then extra fees generally apply as most carriers charge an extra fee to ship larger packages to residential addresses. Whatever additional fees are charged for delivery to a residence are at the customer’s expense.

International Shipping
PavementGroup ships worldwide and can generally ship or assist you with shipping your item/s overseas. We can recommend a shipper and a broker for these purposes.

Shipping to Canada or Mexico
If your purchased item is being shipped to Canada or Mexico, it will be necessary for you to attain the services of a customs broker. Your broker will be able to verify any applicable customs, duties and/or import fees.

Delivery Delays
PavementGroup uses a variety of common carriers for shipping based on what is the most cost effective and reliable service at the time an order is placed. There are times when those common carriers are unable to provide on-time delivery, including but not limited to during extreme weather situations, national emergencies, extreme holiday periods and other times. While PavementGroup does everything in its power to insure products are shipped efficiently and quickly, once a package is entrusted to a common carrier, PavementGroup is no longer responsible for the timeliness of delivery.

Product Damage During Delivery
Once a package is entrusted to a common carrier, PavementGroup is no longer responsible for the condition of products upon delivery. PavementGroup makes every effort to ensure that your product/s are being transported by a reliable carrier. Issues with shipping should be addressed directly to the common carrier entrusted with your package.

Unloading Products Upon Delivery
The buyer herein accepts full responsibility for unloading cargo from truck. Buyer is responsible for off-loading cargo and all related charges. The customer should have the necessary means to offload products, which may require a fork lift, loading dock, crane or roll-back truck.

Unloading Time
During the unloading of large machinery the shipping company allows 2 hours for unloading from trailer. If additional time is required for unloading, the carrier may charge additional fees and these fees are the full responsibility of the buyer and these additional fees will be charged to the buyers account or, if the buyer paid by credit card, the charge will be assessed to the buyer’s credit card.

Address Correction and Intercept Charges
Its the responsibility of the person that has placed the order to make sure that the order is going to the correct location. Please have the correct recipient name, street address, city, zip code, company name and suite or apt # if necessary. When an order is placed on our site you have agreed to provide us with the correct address. If PavementGroup is billed a service charge through the common carrier entrusted with delivery of your package for your providing an incorrect address, PavementGroup reserves the right to bill the credit card that you made payment with for the exact amount of the service charge that PavementGroup was billed by the common carrier chosen to deliver you package. PavementGroup will provide you, upon request, with verification of the charge.

Asset Inspection
We strongly urge every customer to inspect the equipment before buying it. This is the only sure way to determine that the equipment is exactly what you want. If you can’t inspect the equipment yourself then we urge you to utilize an asset verification company such as QuikTrax.com, SGS.com or wegolook.com.

Thank you for shopping with www.PavementGroup.com

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