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Portable 300TPH Astec Drum Plant

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ID# CEP-4416
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Overview: Portable 300TPH Astec Drum Plant


Portable 300TPH Astec Six Pack Coater Drum Plant

  • Astec Six Pack Coater Plant
    • This Astec 300 TPH six pack single shaft coater plant has partial portable characteristics
    • It is a semi complete and is in well above average condition
    • Astec long ago set the standard for the highest quality equipment
  • 4 Bin Cold Feed System
    • The four-bin system is portable
    • The bins are 9’ x 12’ with 8’ long x 24” feeders driven by 3 HP DC motors with reducers
    • Each bin has a small scalping screen under the variable speed feeders
    • Radial adjustable gates allow for even flow of materials
    • There is a built-in bulkhead and bolt on bin extenders
    • The collector conveyor runs past the end of the bins ~20 to feed the screen deck
  • Drum Dryer
    • A 30” slinger belt introduces the materials into the drum mixer
    • The drum mixer coater drum is 7’ x 42’ long
    • A Hauck Star Jet SJO 360 burner with turbo blower supplies the heat
    • Set up on diesel
    • The drum is driven by a 4 x 30 HP motor arrangement to four trunnions
    • The recycle collar is mounted ~ one third of the way down the dryer
    • The material feeds through the dryer to the single shaft coater pugmill
  • Baghouse
    • The Astec portable baghouse is a direct pulse design
    • The bags are 8’ long and 5” in diameter
    • All bags and Goyen pulse valves are accessible through the top of the house
    • A 200 HP motor with fan, remote damper, and EPA stack are included
    • The rotary screw air compressor and air holding tank are included
  • Liquid Asphalt Tank
    • The portable liquid asphalt tank is split with 10-20,000 Gallon coiled liquid asphalt
    • The liquid asphalt pump is located on the rear platform on the tail
    • There is an independent Meeker 1 MBTU hot oil heater and a separate fuel oil preheater along with an external 10,000 Gallon vertical fuel tank
    • All plumbing and wiring are included
  • Control House
    • The 10’ x 12’ control house is mounted on Conex box
    • There are no controls except the Hauck burner control
    • The controls were proprietary to the company and could not go with the plant
  • Lime(Dust) System
    • 400 bbl. Lime(dust) silo (Pressurized) with a weigh pod and 14” vain feeder to meter the duct in the pneumatic blower to the drum
  • Other Equipment Included
    • A Conex box is included with some parts
    • Note: Even though the plant is not totally portable, the portable pieces have all their tires and rims
    • There have been numerous upgrades done in the last 5 years to include, but not limited to:
      • Baghouse bags in 2015, new liners and fights in the drum 2014, and rebuilt vain feeder 2016.
      • Most of the S.O. Cable has been replaced with heavier more permanent wire
    • This plant is available only because a much higher production plant is replacing it
    • It is in very good running order, ran fine at shut down
    • Plant runs consistently at 250 TPH using 25% recycle
    • Note: Road readiness on the portable part of the plant must be checked prior to transportation
    • Plant still erected and must be off site ASAP
  • Located in PA

Call Today 518-218-7676

Product Details

Product Details

Category Used Plants & EQ
New/Used? Used
Product Name Portable 300TPH Astec Drum Plant
Product ID CEP-4416
Manufacturer Astec
Size 250-300TPH
Shipping Dimensions
Lbs KG
Weight 0.00 0
Inches Feet Cm
Length 0.00 0.00 0.00
Width 0.00 0.00 0.00
Height 0.00 0.00 0.00

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