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USED Pavement Maintenance Equipment

PavementGroup.com has a wide selection of USED and REFURBISHED Pavement Maintenance Equipment.  We stock: Asphalt Pavers, Asphalt Recyclers (1-15 tph), Crack Sealing Kettles (75-400 gallons), Mini Melter applicators, Asphalt Pavers, Infrared Heaters (fold out, 4x8, paver mounted) Hot Boxes (1-7cy capacity), Pothole Patch Trucks (4-8cy, auger discharge, tip style) Asphalt Distributors and more. Call 888-999-2660 for details.

Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
UEP-1382 International Int'l 4900 1998 Used - Runs
A Used International 4900 Slurry Seal Truck is for Sale, Visit us at PavementGroup.Com! 1998 International chassis, diesel fueled, agitator, and electricity; this 4900 is ready to move!

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CEP-4474 Neal Mfg 1993 550 GAL Used
Used Neal 550 Gal Sealcoating Machine for Sale, Only at PavementGroup.Com! This Sealcoating machine is Dual axle trailer unit, has a 550 Gallon capacity, and needs replacement leather. The tanks, hoses, and pump have been cleaned out. It has a gas engine with electric start and pull cord. The piston pump is a 50gpm Neal pump. Includes an approx. 100' spray hose with a wand and tip (no bar). This yellow and black Sealcoating machine can be yours today!

CEP-4465 Crafco EZ-100 1991 100 GAL
Crafco EZ Pour 100

CER-2290 ASE 612 GAL
ASE 612 Gallon Roofing Kettle

UEP-1380 Crafco SS-125 DC 2002 125 GAL
Crafco Super Shot 125 Crack Kettle SS125

CEP-4449 Kasi Proheat 2011 2 TON
2011 Kasi ProHeat Minuteman Infrared

CEP-4439 Englert 1996
1996 Metal Roll Former

CEP-4457 Sterling Etnyre 2008 Centennial II
2008 Sterling ETNYRE Centennial II 3500 GAL

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CEP-4455 Freightliner MAX II 2003 EZ2-S3
2003 Freightliner CF70 Rosco Maximizer–II Asphalt Distributor

CEP-4454 Stepp Mfg STR-4M 1998 4000 GAL
1998 Stepp Mfg. 4000 GAL Heated Trailer

CEP-4453 Lafarge Thermoplastic
Lafarge Thermoplastic Paint Stripe Kettle Melter Trailer

CER-2289 Marathon KEB-115 115 GAL
We have for sale a reconditioned tar buggy, roofing kettle for hot applied materials. Marathon, propane direct fired kettle, serviced and in good condition: 518-218-7676

UER-1189 Garlock 400 GAL
Garlock 400 Gallon Pumper Kettle

CEP-4437 Etnyre S2000 1998 1000 GAL Immaculate
Etnyre S 2000 1000 GAL

UEP-1371 Crafco Poly-Flex 115 Boxes
We have a great deal on 115 boxes of Crafco Poly Flex Type 2 Crack Filler. Don't miss it! 518-513-0895 Crafco Part # 3451-36

CEP-4427 4TP 2018 4 TON NEW!
In Stock, 4-ton capacity asphalt hotbox trailer, dual axle trailer, dual side shovel compartments, with a plate compactor and boom-lift, brand new! For Sale 518-218-7676

CEP-4428 Freightliner FP-5 2007 102K Miles Very Clean
2007 Freightliner M2 Patch Truck - Bergkamp FP 5 Flameless Pothole Patcher

CEP-4416 Astec 250-300TPH
Portable 300TPH Astec Drum Plant

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CEP-4430 Seal Master TR-260 2015
2015 Crack Pro TR260 Melter

CEP-4431 Seal-Rite 2015 700 GAL
2015 Sealrite Sealcoat Trailer

CEP-4432 Freightliner FL-70 1999
Freightliner FL70 Infrared Truck

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CEP-4425 Asten Cook 043 2001 2K Kg
Asten Cook Asphalt Recycler

CER-2276 Atlas 18 HP
Atlas 2000 Single Line Hydraulic Hoist

UEP-1364 Crafco EZ-Pour-200-LP
Crafco EZ Pour 200LP, 2 hose system, VGC, Propane heater, newer pump and heat transfer oil, fully serviced and tested. PavementGroup Certified Pre-owned, Warranty, 518-541-8724

UEP-1370 Crafco SS-125DC 2001
FOR SALE: Now available is a 2001 Crafco SS125DC Sealing Kettle DON'T MISS IT! 518-218-7676

CEP-4388 KM International KM4000SXPX
KM4000 2-Ton Hot Box

CEP-4403 Ford 1999 1500 GAL
FORD Asphalt Sealing Truck

CEP-4396 Midland 120 TPH
Midland 120 TPH Pugmill Mixer

CEP-4368 Cimline 230 Magma 2004 230 GAL
Cimline Magma 230 Crack Kettle

CEP-4398 Stepp Mfg SMM-72 2012
2012 SMM Tailgate Mounted Master Mixer - Asphalt Recycler

CEP-4385 Carlson CP-90 2012
Carlson CP90 Paver

CEP-4386 LeeBoy 8515C 2014
Leeboy 8515C

CER-2283 Reeves Reeves 650
Reeves 650 Roofing Kettle with Fume Recovery AFTERBURNER

CER-2282 Garlock 400
Garlock 400 Roofing Kettle

CER-2281 Garlock 400
Garlock 400 Roofing Kettle

CER-2278 Reeves Reeves 650
Reeves 650 Roofing Kettle

CER-2270 Garlock Genesis 600 GAL
Garlock Genesis 612 Roofing Kettle

CER-2269 Garlock 612 600 GAL
Garlock 612 Roofing Kettle

CEP-4381 Dodge RAM 4500 2015 Good
Used 2015 Dodge RAM 4500 Truck for sale, only 29000 miles, mason dump, Boss snow plow, black body wrap, overall very nice shape and ready for work. Call 518-218-7676

CEP-4379 Allen Sherman Hoff 11000 2009 250-350 t/h
Rare Find! This unit was never put in service and will save you over 50% of the cost of a new one. In fact we have 2 available and a lot of accessory equipment for the complete system. This machine is designed for mixing high calcium ash and FGD water recycling. For more info call us today 518-218-7676, After hrs and weekends call Mark at 518-577-9975 or Devin at 330-835-7742

UEP-1357 Kasi IR480 2014 8x6 panel EXC, Never Used
Don't miss our 2014 New, never used, Kasi IR 480 trailer mounted Infrared relaimer for sale with Vibco roller, 8x6 infrared, 2Ton hot box. Includes: 90 DAY PARTS WARRANTY

UEP-1358 Cimline 110 Magma 2005 110 GAL Very Good Condition
This is a very nice, super low-hour machine, in very good condition. It is currently in our shop being serviced and tested. Details: Cimline 110 Magma Crack Kettle for sale Only 430 hours, 2005, stored indoors, municipally owned and well maintained, 30-day parts warranty PavementGroup 518-218-7676






CEP-4359 KM International KM-4000 hotbox 2015 2 TON
KM 4000 2 Ton Hotbox Reclaimer on 2005 GMC 3500 Flatbed Truck

CEP-4349 Wirtgen W-2200 2008 7' 2" Drum
2008 Wirtgen W2200 Milling Machine

UEP-1343 Ray Tech Mini-Combo 2006, unused 8x6 Infrared EXC, never used
New and unused 2006 model year Ray-Tech Infrared Mini Combo, 2 Ton. In-stock. New batteries, full serviced and ready to go to work! Includes 6 month parts warranty. PavementGroup Certified. Call today 518-218-7676






CEP-4197 Cedarapids CR-361 1987 8' - 16'
Used 1987 Cedarapids CR361 Paver for Sale. The owner reports it runs well and lays a nice mat! Call for a site visit! Don't miss it. For details 518-218-7676

CEP-4330 Wirtgen W-2200 2006 7' 2" Drum
2006 Wirtgen W2200

CEP-4331 Rosco RA-2000 2009

CEP-4328 Cimline 110 Magma 2007 110 GAL
Cimline 110 Magma Crack Kettle

CEP-4324 LeeBoy 1000D 2004
2004 LeeBoy 1000D Paver


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