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Chip Spreaders

Chip Spreaders

AmeriSpreader chip spreaders by PavementGroup are designed to quickly mount to your dump truck body without having to remove your tailgate. The gravity feed design works perfectly without the need for hydraulics. Mouting can be done in 15 minutes. The system is very simple to use and highly reliable. The material feed can be controlled in 12" increments, with individual cutoffs gates positioned every foot. Simply lift the handle to close the gate, raise the handle to close the gate. 

SIMPLE To Use with precise

  • Gate opening is adjustable from 0-4" and is easily set by the operator
  • A maximum gate opening can be maintained with a set pin. Then just swing the handle open.
  • Individual cutoffs restrict material flow to desired width
  • The chip spreader will allow stone chips, sand, salt to flow evenly across the spreader. 
  • A Remote Control option is available to pneumatically open and close the main gate
  • Quick turn-around 1 week delivery
  • Designed to fit the majority of dump trucks
  • Spreads stone chips, sand, salt, etc..
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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
AMERISpreader PavementGroup 108" (optional 120") NEW 108" - 120" NEW
Amerispreader, gravity feed spreader, can be attached to or removed from your dump truck in 15 minutes. The unique design of our stone chip spreader, does not require tailgate removal. To get started, you will need to weld or bolt on a few tie-back hooks to your dump truck body (as shown in the attached video). Mounting the stone spreader is quick and easy. MADE IN AMERICA... Amerispreader chip spreaders are proudly built in Honeybrook, PA, USA. We don't cut corners! You get a ruggedly constructed stone spreader box, that is overbuilt using thicker steel than needed. We go the extra mile and powder coat the spreader boxes for a durable long-lasting finish. Parts are replaceable and include your chip spreader legs, 12" gate assemblies, gate handles, winches and chains. ACTION CHIP SPREADER VIDEO... At 32:44 on this video, you'll see Amerispreader in action. This unedited video also shows a couple equipment use mistakes the crew made during laydown and how they remedied. Special thanks to Joel Oneil, owner of Oneil Seal of Nassau, NY (near Albany, NY), for letting us videotape his crew in action installing new roadways throughout Woodlawn Cemetery in East Schodack, NY. During the project, Joel utilized a 2022 STRATOS Asphalt Distributor Trailer with computer for spraying down CRS2-P asphalt emulsion. The AmeriSpreader was used to dispense the stone chips over the emulsion, which was then compacted using a roller. Two layers were installed to provide a durable long-lasting surface. PavementGroup brands include STRATOS Asphalt Distributor trailers and trucks, Amerispreader Chip Spreaders, Olympus Pugmill Systems, Olympus Cold Feed Bins, Olympus Razor Tail Conveyors. WE STOCK gravity chip spreaders For details, pricing, orders.. Call us today 518-218-7676 After hours/weekends call Devin 330-835-7742 Visit PavementGroup.com


AmeriSpreader chip spreaders quickly mount to your dump truck in just 15 minutes. One foot cutoff allow you to quick and easily shut-off gates, restricting the flow of stone to the desired area.  The main gate is opened and closed with large side mounted handles located on the driver and passenger sides. 


  • Mount in 15 minutes 
  • Dismount in 15 minutes
  • One foot discharge cutoff gates 
  • 4 landing legs for stable storage
  • 0"-4" adjustable main gate opening
  • No need to remove tailgate 
  • Includes winches, chains, turn-buckles, hooks
  • Two arms to open main material feed gate, located on driver and passenger side of spreader 
  • Gravity feed spreader has no hydraulic or air actuated parts (unless you choose the air activated main gate)
  • Use for broadcasting stone chips, other aggregate like materials, sand, salt.

OPTIONS:  Spread length 108" or 120" Remote Control option allows you to start and stop the flow of chips, from the truck cab. 

IN STOCK: most of the time we have 5-10 units of each size, 9' and 10' length, n stock.  

SHIPPING: Worldwide shipping Domestic shipping via flat bed truck or box truck

MADE IN the USA: Our manufacuring facility is located in Honeybrook Pensylvania USA

Call Us Today 518-218-7676 After hours/weekends call Devin  330-835-7742 Visit ChipSpreaders.com  Pavement Group brand products at PavementGroup.com

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