Used Asphalt Distributor Trucks

We stock used and refurbished asphalt distributor trucks and tanks. Our more popular distributor tanks include Rosco and Etntyre Asphalt Distributors. We also offer new asphalt distributor tanks in 350 and 500 gallon capacities. 

Used Asphalt Distributor Trucks For Sale

These distributors range between 1,750 and 2,500 gallons

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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEP-4042 Rosco 1997 1350 GAL
Rosco Distributor Truck

CEP-3969 Etnyre 2008 2000 GAL
Etnyre 2000 Gallon Distributor

CEP-3899 Etnyre S-2000 1997 1300 GAL
Etnyre Black Topper S2000 Asphalt Distributor

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CEP-3911 Etnyre Cabover 1988 1900 GAL
Etnyre Asphalt Distributor Truck 1900 Gallon

CEP-3860 Rosco 1995 1950 GAL
Rosco Maximizer II 1950 Gallon Distributor

CEP-3848 Etnyre Cabover 1995 1750 GAL
Etnyre Asphalt Distributor Truck 1750 Gal Blacktopper

CEP-3847 Etnyre F-800 1998 2000 GAL
2000 Gallon Asphalt Distributor Etnyre Blacktopper

CEP-2211 Etnyre 1992 1590 Gal Liq. Asphalt
Etnyre BT Blaktopper Asphalt Distributor Tank 1590 gal water 1590 Gal Liquid Asphalt - Like New

Our tailgate mounted chip spreaders deliver stone aggregate from the dump truck to the adjustable feed-gate for full application rate control


Asphalt Distributor trucks are used for applying hot liquid asphalt to roadways prior to repaving. This treatment improves the bonding between the existing and new layers of asphalt. If you do chip sealing our smaller 350 and 500 gallon distributors are a perfect fit, with a spray wand and optional rear spray bar and platform, skid or trailer mounted..

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