Used Asphalt Tankers

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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEP-3815 Etnyre SAM-HW 1985 GAL
Etnyre Black-Topper Asphalt Distributor Tank

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CEP-3790 30K Gal

CEP-3776 2013 4000 GAL
4000 Gallon Electric Turbo Mixer

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CEP-3736 1989
Freuhauf 7,500 Gallon Asphalt Tanker Trailer

CEP-3586 30K Gal
30K Gallon INFERNOTHERM AC Storage Tank

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CEP-3585 20K Gal
20K Gallon INFERNOTHERM AC Storage Tank

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CEP-3459 Etnyre 2000 9000 Gallons
Etnyre Asphalt Heated Tanker Trailer, 9000 Gallons, HEATED Propane heating system, Asphalt Tanker Transport Trailer 3 axle, Insulated, Low miles

CEP-3420 30K Gal
use 30,000 gallon INFERNOTHERM asphalt tank, direct fire with unloading pump assembly, Maine

CEP-3390 30K Gal
30,000 AC Asphalt Tank, GC

CEP-3312 80K Gallons
AC TANK FARM Total A.C. Storage 80K GAL

CEP-3294 6000 2008
DuraPatcher DuraTank 6000 Gallon Tank

CEF-1005 8,000 gallons each
Vertical Coiled Heated, Non-Insulated 8,000 Gal Tanks (2)

CEP-3277 Etnyre 2001 4000 Gal
Etnyre Aluminum Molten Sulfur / Asphalt tanker

CEP-3276 Heatec TA-30 1997 Good
Used 30,000 GALLON Heatec TA-30 AC, Asphalt, TANK For Sale, NJ, good condition, 518-218-7676

CEP-3251 3-200 ton CMI
SILO Package Slat Conveyor Baghouse AC Tank

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CEP-3250 30K Gal
30,000 gallon Portable AC Tank 30,000 Gallon with Heater 518-218-7676

CEP-2211 Etnyre 1992 1590 Gal Liq. Asphalt
Etnyre BT Blaktopper Asphalt Distributor Tank 1590 gal water 1590 Gal Liquid Asphalt - Like New


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