Infrared Asphalt Heaters

Infrared Heaters
Our Infrared asphalt heaters use cutting edge infrared technology, setting them apart from the rest of the industry. Infrared is ideally suited for asphalt repairs around manholes, catch basins transition areas, for reworking rough pavement areas, bird baths, alligator cracked areas, paver seems and for Street Print applications. Infrared heat softens asphalt pavement without burning off integral tar oils (which provide asphalt its flexibility). After a few minutes of heating, asphalt in the repair area can be raked and rolled back into place and additional hot mix can be added when needed. The result is a seamless, contiguous repair. Our infrared pavement heaters are offered in several styles: hand-push (walk-behind), trailer, truck, skidsteer and paver mounted. Our paver mounted units are specified as required equipment by several state DOTs. Hotbox asphalt reclaimers (1/2, 1, 2 or 4 tons) can be added on trailer/truck systems.
Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEP-3530 Kasi 2RTM 2 Ton
Used 2 Ton KASI 2RTM asphalt hot box recycler for sale 518-218-7676

CEP-3483 Kasi P48 1993 8'x6' Good
Used 1993 Kasi Infrared 8x6 panel with 2 ton hotbox, Ford L8000 truck mounted infrared unit, hotbox and truck all work properly 518-218-7676

CEP-3472 Kasi P48 2004
2004 Kasi P48 2 ton infrared asphalt on International 4300, 2002, 63k miles truck 518-218-7676

CEP-3245 Kasi Patriot 2T 2008 8'x6' panel, 2 ton Excellent
PRICE JUST DROPPED! Don't miss out! 2008 KASI Infrared Patriot System 2 Ton Reclaimer Box on 2007 GMC C5500

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Out Of Stock
CEP-3235 HDE 750 2TMT 2012 2 Ton Excellent
Asphalt Patcher Trailer 2 ton 2012 SHOW UNIT

CEP-2053 Ray-Tech Infrared 4-48-2 ton infrared heater trailered 2000 4x4 Excellent
ARS Infrared Heater

New Kasi 4 Ton Patriot System & Used Kenworth Truck

120WB-6x2 6 x 2 New
Infrared Joint Heater 120WB 6x2

120WB 4x3 4x3 New
Asphalt Joint Heater 120WB 4x3

P150 Infrared Asphalt Heater NEW 3' x 3' New
The P150 Asphalt Heater has a 3'x3'(92mmx92mm) heating area, vapor propane, no blowers, highly dependable, push style. 1-518-218-7676, 1-888-999-2660

P200 Infrared Heater NEW 3'x4' New
The unique P200 Asphalt Heater converts from a 4' x 3' to 18" x 8' heater. Quick Heat-up time, excellent infrared penetration, lightweight, push style. 1-518-218-7676

Kasi 6x4 Infrared/Hotbox Trlr Kasi 2010 6x4infr. 1t box New
Kasi Ranger Infrared 6x4 & Hotbox 1 ton on Trailer

Infrared Asphalt Heaters Paver NEW

Infrared Asphalt Heaters NEW
The unique design of these heaters provides maximum efficiency and BTU output while providing a large heating area that meets durability requirements for construction use. Unlike most infrared heaters which operate on Liquid Propane (LP), our heaters have a vaporizer, turning liquid drawn from the propane tank into vapor, allowing ‘all’ the propane to be drawn from the tank without reduction in pressure and temperature. This also eliminates tank freeze ups saving propane costs and tank change time. Our propane vaporization system eliminates the need for batteries and blowers (as found in other systems), simplifying operation while eliminating costly downtime and repair. Our heaters can be adjusted to operate from 15psi to 50psi. This allows the heater to be switched to a lower or higher heat setting as needed and reduces propane cost. Other machines require the operator shut down the heat or raise the heat panel to prevent burning the pavement. Models Hand Push 4’x18’ Hand Push 4’x3’ Hand Push 3’x3’ (converts to 6’x18) Hand Push 6’x3’ Skidsteer Mount 6’x6’ Paver Mount 16’x18’ Trailer Mount 16’x18’ Truck Mount 8’x6’ with 2-Ton HotBox Truck Mount 8’x6’ with 4-Ton HotBox Truck Mount 12’x6’ with 2-Ton HotBox Truck Mount 12’x6’ with 4-Ton HotBox Truck Mount 15’x8’ with 4-Ton HotBox Hot Box 1.2Ton Hot Box 1.2Ton with Trailer


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