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AmeriPatcher pothole patcher attaches directly to your skidsteer. Just scoop, mix, heat and patch, it’s that easy. Produce up to a 500Lb batch in 15-20 minutes. Ameripatcher is part of the USAF' airfield repair kit. Our patent pending design, allows for a quick connection to your skidsteer or tractor. Scoop up and load your asphalt chunks or millings from a pile or dump truck. Or use our prepackaged materials. 

RESELLER Opportunities: Join our network of independent dealers and be part of a well established industry where innovative products are nigh in demand. AmeriPatcher is a one-of-a-kind, unicorn opportunity, with a huge potential customer base among paving and utility contractos. A must have product for municipal customers needing hotmix when the plants are closed. A perfect add-on service for landscapers ad sealcoating contractors. Ameripatcher is also the perfect rental imlement for skidsteer and tractor sales companies, increasing their rental opportunities. Don't miss private businesses looking for a way to perform inhouse repairs of potholes. Ask about our exclusive territories, while they last! 

Dealerships available while they last

  • Exclusive territorites
  • One of a kind product
  • Hundreds of thousands of potential customers
  • Call today 518-218-7676 M-F 9am-6pm EST
  • After Hours: Evenings and weekends, call Devin 330-835-7742

AmeriPatcher is made in America at our production facility located in Honey Brook, PA.  

Patent-Pending innovation is what you'll get with Ameripatcher. Exceptional engineering and destructive testing assure you get an extra-heavy-duty machine that's built to last, easy to hook up and use! 

Simple to operate, Ameripatcher makes it easy to hook up and go. Simple to add our wiring harness for the electrical one time (included). Plugs into your hydraulics. Then scoop, mix and heat for quality hotmix day and night. 

Universal design lets you hook to your quick attach plate of your skidsteer or tractor. 

Recycling is good for the environment and your pocketbook. Help renew America’s number 1 recyclable product, asphalt. 

Warranty: 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

History: Ameripatcher Mixer technology was originally designed for the US Air Force and deployed to remote air bases throughout the word. It’s used for the rapid repair of airfield runways. We’ve added lots of new features to our patent pending system, now available for commercial use.

We ship Worldwide: by pallet or ocean container. 


  • Length 70” (1524mm)
  • Height 45” (991mm)
  • Width 70” (1346mm)
  • Weight 1100 lb (227kg)

Call today +1 518-218-7676  (New York) 9-6pm M-F

After Hours & Weekends: Call Devin at 330-835-7742 or Mark at 518-577-9975

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AmeriPatcher Pothole Patcher & Asphalt Recycler

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Year : NEW
Size : 1/4 Ton Capacity
Condition : New
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