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Slip-In Water Tanks

Water Tanks Slip-In

Tank Capacities: 500-6,500 Gallons
Tank Materials: Mild, Stainless & Food Grade Tanks
Features: Water Tank easily slips in and out of your dump truck body
Standard features include a 2-Spray Systems, Access Ladder, Manway, baffled interior and pumping system
Tank Uses: Dust Control, Fire Tenders, Street Cleaning, Irrigation, Potable Water, Military, Sand Fields and More...

Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
WT-Slip In PavementGroup Slip In New Variable New
Slip In Water Tank

Call for price

Available options include:

Center vertical baffle (running front to rear) in a two or three baffled tank
Extra vertical baffle (running side to side)
Manway Cover
Hydraulic Upgrade (PTO, hydraulic pump, water pump adapter, hydraulic motor, filter, relief reservoir & plumbing lines)
Flow Control - Cab Mounted Electronically adjustable water pressure
Stainless Steel Plumbing fixtures
Additional Passenger Side Spray
Air Actuated Side Spray upgrade
Self-Loading Kit (with Suction Hose & Storage Tubes)
Hose, Reel & Nozzle Kit, 1-1/2" x 50'
Electric Hose Reel & Nozzle Kit
3", 4" & 6" Butterfly Valves
10" x 10" Newton Quick Dump
4" Air Gravity Dump
1-1/2", 2-1/2", 3" Quarter Turn ball Discharge Valve
4" Gravity Bar Kit
Water Valve Electrically Operated
Water Cannon & Cab Controller
Add Joystick upgrade to Water Cannon
Tie Down Kit Upgrade
Self-Loading Kit (with Suction Hose & Storage Tubes)
Epoxy Coating
Pumps (in place of standard pump) Berkley 4x4 Self Priming Pump, Gorman Rupp Pump
Other Options Available - Please call for a complete list.

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