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SLUDGEpug Pugmill System

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ID# SLUDGEpug Pugmill System
Model Portable System
Year New
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Overview: PavementGroup's SLUDGEpug Pugmills are designed for mixing H2O and sludges with our super absorbent ZorbsMORE Z-Pellets absorbent and/or other bulking agents. The solidified materials can then be safely land- filled, dramatically reducing cycle and transportation costs. SLUDGEpug pugmills were first built for the oil and gas and waste-water industries. SLUDGEpug is a highly effective system for processing and mixing materials, much safer and far more efficient than mixing in a traditional mix pit.


Shown in the photos is (UEP-1345) our 105 TPH Pugmill system, with a twin screw bin, cross-feed conveyor, and incline screw. 
Options include: electrical panel, silo with vein feeder, variable size and variable capacity bin and pugmill.
Full customization is available. 

PavementGroup’ SLUDGEpug® Pugmill system is used in a host of industries; dredging, liquid waste management, oil and gas. Used in combination with our ZorbsMORE® products, customers have a complete system to encapsulate water for landfilling, safely, efficiently, and affordably. Our newest installations of SLUDGEpug® are in operation at Waste Management in Ohio and Petta Industries in WV. SLUDGEpug® incorporates a sealed dual screw bin with cross-screw, incline screw and pugmill. A silo with metered feed-screw, can be added. The pugmill system is further customizable to your specific needs. ZorbsMORE Z-Pellets absorb 6X their weight in free standing water, making them the first choice for a host of industrial applications and the perfect complement to complete our SLUDGEpug system. SLUDGEpug was designed to serve several industries: dredging, oil and gas, coal plants, liquid waste disposal, leachate control. 

Operation and Setup: Easily transportable and quick setup. Material is loaded into the feed bin. Twin screw feed augers situated along the bottom move the material to a cross-screw conveyor to a an incline screw. Materials exit the screw into our 105 TPH pugmill.  

How it works: Drilling mud is dumped into the twin-auger heavy-duty feed bin. Materials move along the bottom to a cross screw, then to a vein feeder with AR hardened tips. The incline auger discharges material into the elevated 105 TPH pugmill. A large silo can be added. along with air cannon, vibrators and electronic controls and control panel.  

Petta Enterprises of WV, is using the system as a centralized processing hub for for well-drilling mud tailings requiring disposal.  The pugmill plant was set up as a bulking and solidifying pugmill system for dredging remediation and soil remediation. The system allows for the mixing of materials for quick and efficient bulking/stiffening of these materials to make them suitable for the landfill or for use as base materials or other marektable products. 

Our systems are operating successfully at dozens of locations serving the coal, oil and gas industries. 

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Product Details

Product Details

Category Used Pugmills
New/Used? New
Product Name SLUDGEpug Pugmill System
Product ID SLUDGEpug Pugmill System
Manufacturer PavementGroup
Model Portable System
Year New
Size Up to 105 TPH
Capacity Up to 105 TPH
Condition Very Good, Like New
Shipping Dimensions
Lbs KG
Weight 0.00 0
Inches Feet Cm
Length 0.00 0.00 0.00
Width 0.00 0.00 0.00
Height 0.00 0.00 0.00


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