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Used Asphalt Hot Boxes

Used Hot Boxes
Used Asphalt Hot Boxes: We offer quality Used Asphalt Hot Boxes for sale. Our Asphalt storage boxes are used for storing, hauling and dispensing hot asphalt for year round pavement repairs. We have a wide selection of in stock asphalt patching equipment to meet your needs and budget. We carry trailer mounted units with a 2-5 yard capacity and truck mounted patch trucks.

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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEP-4580 Falcon Dump 2012 4 TON Used
2012 Falcon 4 Ton Dump HotBox

CEP-4547 Marathon HMT-6600D 2012 3.3 TON
2012 Marathon HMT 6600D 3.3 Ton Oil-Jacketed Hotbox

CEP-4563 Falcon 2 TON 2019 2-TON USED
2019 2-Ton Falcon Hot Box - available used or unused!

UEP-1385 Falcon Non-Dump 2009 4-TON Used - Working
This used 4 TON Falcon Non-Dumping Hot Box is for sale! It features a 105,000 BTU diesel burner, a 12 Volt Battery, a new yellow coat of paint, and a tandem axle trailer with four brand new tires. Call PavementGroup today for more information on this product 518-218-7676

UEP-1378 Falcon 4 TON Used 4-TON Used - Working
4 TON Falcon HotBox Reclaimer

PavementGroup’ Certified Pre-Owned equipment offers you peace of mind.

Qualifying equipment undergoes a rigorous 50+ point inspection. Machines are fully serviced and repaired, tested and retested. Our in-depth quality assurance process includes field testing the equipment under working conditions. When you receive it, be assured that it's ready to go to work. We back that up with a 90-day parts warranty.

Used 4 TON Falcon Hot box for Sale with diesel burner system, 15 gallon spray tack system, fully serviced and ready for work. Certified Pre-Owned with 30 day parts warranty Call us today.

CEP-4530 Spaulding R.M.V. 2015 6 TON
Don't miss this 6TON asphalt hot box, 2015 model, with many options like hydraulic top load doors and discharge door, DUMP style, tack tank, very clean! Call Us today 518-218-7676

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UEP-1387 KM International KM8000SXPX 2016 4 TON Used - Works
Need a 4-ton asphalt hotbox this winter? Our 2016, KM-8000SXPX is in great condition. Mounts on your truck or trailer. Certified Pre-Owned servicing is underway!






CEP-4427 4TP 2018 4 TON NEW!
In Stock, 4-ton capacity asphalt hotbox trailer, dual axle trailer, dual side shovel compartments, with a plate compactor and boom-lift, brand new! For Sale 518-218-7676

CEP-4388 KM International KM4000SXPX
KM4000 2-Ton Hot Box

CEP-4359 KM International KM-4000 hotbox 2015 2 TON
KM 4000 2 Ton Hotbox Reclaimer on 2005 GMC 3500 Flatbed Truck

UEP-1340 Stepp Mfg SPHD-3.0 2011 4 TON
2011 Stepp SPHD 3.0 Oil-Jacketed Asphalt Patch Trailer

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UEP-1339 Kasi Proheat Minuteman 2012 8x6 panel, 2 ton box
PERFECT CONDITION 2012 Kasi Proheat Minuteman Infrared 8x6 2Ton hot box, with Vibco roller. Don't Miss It! Includes 90 DAY PARTS WARRANTY, 518-218-7676

CEP-3851 Spaulding T3DA 2007 3 ton
Used Spaulding T3DA, 3 Ton auger discharge Hot Box Trailer for sale, 2007, fully self contained system, in beautiful condition, don't miss this one!! 518-218-7676




CEP-4254 Ray-Tech Infrared Mini-Combo 2009 6' x 8'
Ray-Tech Infrared Mini Combo

UEP-1327 Kasi Proheat Minuteman 2005 8x6 panel, 2 ton box Refurbished
Factory Refurbished March 2018, Kasi Proheat Minuteman Infrared 8x6 2Ton hot box. Don't Miss It! Includes 60 DAY PARTS WARRANTY, 518- 218-7676

UEP-1253 Marathon HMT8000T 2010 4 Ton
2010 Marathon HMT8000T Portable Asphalt 4 ton Hot Box

CEP-4110 Falcon RME 2010 4 TON
Falcon RME 4 Ton Dump Hot Box

UEP-1328 Ray-Tech Infrared 6X8 2004 2 TON
FOR SALE: Used 2004 RayTech mini-combo For Sale, 8x6 stainless steel Infrared, 2 Ton Hotbox, Serviced & in Great Shape! DON'T MISS IT! 30 DAY PARTS WARRANTY, 58-218-7676

CEP-4099 Heat Design Equipment HDE-2THBR 2016 2.25 TON
2016 Kenworth K270 HDE2THBR Infrared Hotbox

UEP-1326 Falcon 2012 4 TON
Falcon 4 Ton Hotbox

CEP-4032 KM International KM-4000 2009 2 TON
KM-4000 2-Ton Asphalt Hot Box Reclaimer

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CEP-4031 Falcon 2014 2 TON
2014 Falcon 2 Ton Hotbox

UEP-1308 Falcon 2008 4 TON
Falcon 4 Ton Hotbox

UEP-1307 Ray-Tech Infrared Mini-Combo 2001 2 TON
Ray-Tech Infrared Mini Combo

UEP-1303 Ray-Tech Infrared Mini-Combo 2005 2 TON
2005 Ray-Tech 2 ton 6x8 Infrared Mini Combo

UEP-1302 Ray-Tech Infrared Mini-Combo 2008 2 TON
2008 Ray-Tech Mini Combo 2 ton Hot Box 6x8 Infrared

CEP-3879 Stepp Mfg SPH3.0 2007 3 TON
Stepp SPH3.0 Asphalt Patch Trailer

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CEP-3878 Spaulding R.M.V. 2002 2 TON
2002 Spaulding 2 ton Patch Trailer

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CEP-2047 NEW 1.75cy /2-3 ton New
Hot Box HDE 1.75CY 2 Ton Reclaimer

CEP-4526 KM International KM-2-18 & KM 4000SXPX 2017
KM-2-18 & KM 4000SXPX + Infrared + Trailer 2017 2 Ton Asphalt hot box 2017 Infrared 17 hours on infrared heater Everything is in perfect working order Call Today! 518-218-7676


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