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Road Repair & Maintenance - Pothole Repair

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From Article in Roads & Bridges Magazine

Quality of Cold-Mix Asphalt Deserves Attention

Asphalt Article by Michael Pemberton


What customers expect is cost effectiveness

This value is determined by the cost of the cold patch, its expected life, and the manpower needed to make repairs. A U.S. government study on pothole repair (SHRP-H-353) conducted by the Strategic Highway Research Program recommends that the best materials available should be used to reduce the need for repatching

According to the study...

...the cost of repeatedly patching the same potholes, because of poor-quality material, quickly offsets the savings from purchasing a less expensive mix. The study further indicates that in most cases, the poorer performance associated with inexpensive cold mixes will result in greater overall costs for patching because of increased costs for labor, equipment, traffic control, and user delay

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