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SkidPatcher-10A Asphalt Recycler & Concrete Mixer

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ID# SkidPatcher-10A
Model 10A
Year NEW
Item Price24950
Sale Price19950
You Save$5,000
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Overview: The Skidpatcher-10A asphalt recycler, recycles asphalt millings into hot mix asphalt. Simply load it with small broken chunk pieces of asphalt and millings and heat the mix for 10-15 minutes. SkidPatcher-10A also can be used to mix concrete, flowable fill and other products. The US Air Force has confidently deployed the Skidpatcher-10A at airfield bases around the world. If your tired of patching potholes with cold patch and you don't want to depend on the hot mix plant for your pothole mix, then the Skidpatcher is for you. Call for a demonstration near you. Call 518-218-7676


SkidPatcher-10A Mobile Asphalt Recycler

Overview: The SkidPatcher 10A is a 3-in-one multi-purpose machine designed to recycle asphalt (millings / plannings), mix concrete and mix flowable fill.  The attachment easily attaches to your skidsteer loader.  The 10A provides the ability to affordably produce hot mix and concrete in cold weather conditions.  Skidpatcher can recycle and heat a 1/4 ton batch of RAP to 300 F in 10-15 minutes.  If your mixing concrete, the 10A's heater allows you to preheat the water when necessary.  


  • Asphalt Recycler
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Mix Flowable Fill 
  • Simple to use
  • 3 in 1 design (asphalt recycler, concrete mixer, flowable fill mixer + water heater)
  • Universal skidsteer attachment
  • Diesel burner system
  • Hydraulics operate at Low or High flow
  • Quick connections to skidsteer


  • Hot mix asphalt year round 
  • Military bases, airfields, roadway, parking lots and driveways
  • Municipal use, public works, contractors and equpment rental house 

Skidsteer Attachment: The Skidpatcher-10A Asphalt Recycler attaches directly to your skidsteer and can be mounted and discmounted in minutes. Adapts to both low and high flow systems. Uses a diesel burner system with an onboard fuel supply.  Quick connect adapters provide convenient hookup to the skidsteer hydraulics.  The skid steer operator controls the mixer rotation, heating, and dumping from the in cab operator console.

Recycling: The SkidPatcher10A was built to recycle asphalt millings/plannings (asphalt RAP 2" minus) into quality 300F hot mix.  Recycle a 500 batch of RAP to 300F in just 10 minutes.  Ideal for contractors, highway departments, rental houses and airports.  The 10A reduces reliance on local hot mix plants, by providing the ability to produce hot mix year round as well as mix concrete.

History: The SkidPatcher10A Mixer technology was originally designed for the US Air Force for deployment in remote locations for the rapidly repair of airfield runways. The system is currently being deployed by the USAF to various air-fields throughout the world.  The 10A system is now available for commercial use. The airforce originally tested various materials and machines for repairing airfields.  The multimillion dollar research and testing project was conducted by the US Air Force over several years. The testing was designed to simulate repairing a bomb damaged runway in adverse weather conditions.  GIs performed the repairs using various techniques and products, while researchers engineered the tests and evaluated the results. The US Airforce purchased 25 SkidPatchers to be used as part of their SUPR KIT (See VIDEO, below).

Shipping: Shipping dimensions 60 inches Wide x 72 inches Long x 60 inches High.  Weight 550 Lbs.Shipping FOB Selkirk, NY USA

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

For Information Call:  1-518-218-7676 in New York, USA


  • Length 60” (1524mm)
  • Height 39” (991mm)
  • Width 53” (1346mm)
  • Weight 650 lbs (227kg)

Shipping Dimensions

  • Length 66” (1677mm) 
  • Height 47” (1194mm) 
  • Width 55” (1397mm) 
  • Weight 675 lbs (241kg)

Product Details

Product Details

Category Recyclers & Plants
New/Used? New
Product Name SkidPatcher-10A Asphalt Recycler & Concrete Mixer
Product ID SkidPatcher-10A
Manufacturer PavementGroup
Model 10A
Year NEW
Size 1/4 Ton Capacity
Capacity 1/4 Ton
Condition New
Shipping Dimensions
Lbs KG
Weight 650.00 292.5
Inches Feet Cm
Length 63.96 5.33 162.46
Width 54.96 4.58 139.60
Height 44.04 3.67 111.86

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