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100% Electric Patch Trucks -
Our completely flameless aspahlt patch trucks and asphalt hot boxes do not require propane or diesel fuel providing a tremendous energy cost savings.  Our asphalt patch bodies set the standard for efficiency providing a dependable affordable system for the heating, delivery and discharge of hot mix asphalt.  Ideal for highway DOTs, airports, utility and paving contractors.  Used year-round for hot mix patching, our patch trucks are patch trucks are most appreciated during cold winter months.  Asphalt discharge systems include auger and dump style.  Auto temperature controls allow hot mix asphalt temperatures (and cold patch) to be adjusted from 0-350F.  Heat retention is exceptional, maintaining 90% over 8 hours at 40F ambient temperature.  Exra mix can be heated at night via an electrical plug in system.  Simply set the timer to turn the heat on a few hours before the start of the workday.

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