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Olympus Poseidon Olympus Pugmills Olympus Posiedon NEW 110 TPH NEW
Olympus Poseidon water & sludge pugmill system Our system has proven itself in the field! Olympus Pugmills are being used successfully to process waste liquids for one of the largest waste companies in the world, at multiple locations! Our system can be mobilized quickly on just 2 truckloads and is easy to install. Call today 518-218-7676

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Olympus Mini-Hercules Pugmills PavementGroup Mini-Hercules 80 Series NEW 19'8"L x 7'6"W x 11'7"H NEW
The NEW Olympus mini-HERCULES pugmill system weighs in at just under 9,000 Lbs. Our compact design, gives you a solid ruggedly constructed pugmill mixing system with a single bin on a trailer. The mini-HERCULES delivers where other can't. You get an 80tph pugmill plant, a 4cy bin, on a trailer, that was engineered to be towed with your pickup truck! How cool is that?! Options include a VFD, water pump, asphalt pump and belt scale. The mini-HERCULES has many applications. Ask us about AmeriJUVE-Cold, our state of the art bio-oil that is used for producing high- performance cold patch. Need something bigger? The Olympus line is offered in 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, and 1000 tph nominal output capacities. Olympus Pugmills are exceptionally well built with expert engineering and superior build quality! We provide customers with top- quality pugmills at a price they can afford. Call us Today at 518-218-7677 or Devin 330-835-7742 after hours.

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DMT-1000 PavementGroup DMT-1000 NEW 17' Long New
Stratos DMT-1000 is our #1 selling model, giving you 1000 gallon capacity, diesel heating with thermostatic controls, a 50' retractable hose, hand-spray wand, trailer with 7000 lb axles, electric brakes, double locking manway lid, ladder, operator platform and much more. Popular options include remote control, overnight heater, ground radar and computer monitor controls (real-time gallons/minute). Stratos is a beautiful machine, with terrific craftsmanship, high-quality OEM components and an industry leading 18-month warranty. STRATOS has over 400 satisfied customers in the USA and many abroad. STRATOS is a tack sprayer, emulsion sprayer designed to spray over 35 different emulsion products (under 200F). Principally used a chip sealant sprayer for chip sealing, Stratos has been successfully employed as a sealcoating sprayer, foundation sprayer and bridge-deck coatings sprayer. While operation is easy, we provide an over-the-phone walk-through. This helps ensure your operators and mechanics are comfortable operating Stratos before their first day on the job. They can also watch our online tutorial video. See what everyone is raving about. Call us at: 518-218-7676

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DMS-1500 NON-CDL PavementGroup DMS-1500 NEW 13' New
Introducing the STRATOS DMS-1500 gallon chip seal tank, NON-CDL, at a price you can afford! The DMS-1500 maximizes your capacity while keeping the weight low, helping you keep your total GVWR under 26,000, so that a CDL license is NOT required. Our DMS models easily mount to your truck' chassis, with our subframe rails at 34" to match your truck's frame rails. Flatbed mounting? Our DMS is a drop on distributor tank and bolts directly to your flat bed. Are you looking at a Rosco or Etnyre distributor truck? Check us out. Stratos gives you a lot of bang for your buck, top engineering and performance at an affordable price. Apply 35+ emulsions, products such as CSS-1h, CRS-2, HFRS-2. Join our 400+ customers and counting! Our customers compliment us on the simplicity of operation, dependable performance, and the fact that STRATOS is a great looking machine that they're proud to own. We offer you an industry leading 18-Month tank and frame warranty. Need more options? We have a full line of options such as a computer monitor with ground radar for real-time gallons/min, gallons applied, speed, and historical application data; a remote on/off spray-bar controller and more. Call 518-218- 7676. After hours, weekends: call Devin at 330-835-7742

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DMT-600 PavementGroup DMT-600 NEW 16' Long New
At PavementGroup, our STRATOS DMT-600 sets the industry standard. You get 600 gallons of capacity and a CDL is NOT required. Our asphalt tank uses a diesel heating system. It's built for chip sealing applications, tack coating, emulsion spraying, foundation spraying and even sealcoating. We include an industry leading 18-MONTH Warranty on our tank and frame system! Call us today 518-218-7676

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DMT-400 PavementGroup DMT-400 NEW 12.5' Long New
Our STRATOS DMT-400 is a trailer mounted tack sprayer specifically designed to spray over 35 different tack coat emulsion products. Some customers call us a tack wagon or a tar buggy. Others call us a tar sprayer or a tack sprayer. We call ourselves STRATOS! Your distributor trailer comes standard with a 50' hose and applicator wand, electric start Honda, diesel Beckett burner, automatic material temperature controls. Options include a spraybar 8', 12' or 14', insulation, remote operator controls, a computer monitoring for precise application rates and more. With STRATOS you get a high-quality build at an affordable price. It almost makes chip sealing fun! Join our 400+ customers who appreciate the simplicity. Call today 518-218-7676

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DMS-1000 PavementGroup DMS-1000 NEW 13' New
PavementGroup's STRATOS DMS-1000 gives you a 1000 gallon capacity emulsion sprayer, skid-mounted and engineered for dependability. It sprays over 35 emulsion products such as CSS- 1h, CRS-2, HFRS-2. Ask about our industry leading 18 MONTH WARRANTY and optional computer monitoring controls. NEW Option: Computer Monitor with on/off spray-bar controller and ground radar, providing real-time Gallons/min, Gallons applied and Speed and historical data.

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DMS-600 PavementGroup DMS-600 NEW 144", 153" with spraybar New
STRATOS 600 Gallon tack sprayer, sprays over 35 different emulsions. Our new computer monitor option gives you real-time feedback of gallons per minute sprayed and ground speed, so that you can spray just the right amount of tack coat emulsion on your municipal roadway projects. With our computer monitor, you can compete on projects where you'd typically need an expensive Rosco or Etnyre distributor trailer with computer controls. Stratos Our top quality construction and OEM parts give you reliability day after day, backed with our industry leading 18-month warranty. Call us today 518-218-7676

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DMS-400 PavementGroup DMS-400 NEW L 10' x W 64" x H 59" New
PavementGroup's STRATOS DMS-400 gives you 400 gallon capacity, on a skid-mounted base for easy mounting to your flat-bed. At PavementGroup, we designed STRATOS for hard-core, day- after-day, commercial use. That's why you'll only find high-quality OEM components such as Honda, Viking, Hannay reels and Sauer Danfoss controls. We give you the industry's only 18- Month Warranty and quick turn-around time. STRATOS is built to spray over 35 different emulsion products such as CSS-1h, CRS-2, HFRS-2 and others. Don't aim for second best when you can have the best for less. Call PavementGroup today! 518-218-7676

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CRE-4AHB Concord Road EQ NEW 4 TON NEW
BRAND NEW Concord 4 TON Hot Box for Sale, Visit us at PavementGroup.Com! This Hot Box or Heated Asphalt Hauler features fully insulated top-loading doors with bullet hinges and many standard features. There are several additional options and features such as Strobe and Rear lighting, Auxiliary tanks, and more! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= PavementGroup-only DISCOUNT CODE - see product description!

CF3P15-SG PavementGroup MCF3 NEW 20 Ton Each
Three bin, mobile cold feed bin system with conveyor belt.

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KM-55 KM International KM55 NEW 55 GAL New

CF2P15-SG PavementGroup MCF2 NEW 20 Ton Each
Two bin, mobile cold feed bin system with conveyor belt.

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CF1P15-SG PavementGroup MCF1 NEW 20 Ton Each
One bin, mobile cold feed bin system with conveyor belt.

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CER-2314 Aeroil Roofing Kettle 100 GAL
100 Gallon Reeves Pumper Kettle for sale. This unit has new tires, a drain cock molasses valve, and comes with a propane burner and hose. It is the perfect size for a paving contractor doing crack sealing or a roofing contractor. The kettle has been professionally serviced, sandblasted, re-painted, and includes a 30 day parts warranty. Call PavementGroup today 518-218-7676 for more information.

CEP-4582 Cimline Magma 2007 110 GAL Used
Used Cimline 110 Magma Crack Kettle for sale, Call today 518-218-7676! Full service performed - air. fuel, oil filters, and more!

UER-1202 Reeves 140 Used 140 GAL Used
Here's a Used Reeves 140 Gallon Asphalt Roofing Kettle for Sale! It's got New Tires and was completely rebuilt!

CEP-4454 Stepp Mfg STR-4M 1998 4000 GAL
1998 Stepp Mfg. 4000 GAL Heated Trailer

DMS-2000 PavementGroup DMS-2000 NEW L 174" (184" with spraybar) New
Our 2000 gallon hot tack sprayer is skid-mounted and designed to spray 35+ varieties of emulsion products for chip sealing, foundation coating spraying and other applications. Our optional COMPUTER lets you monitor ground speed and application rate in gallons per minute. Get an industry leading 18 month warranty and super quick turn-around time. Join our ever growing list of satisfied customers, 400 plus and counting. Don't pay Etnyre or Rosco prices. Let us show you how PavementGroup can start saving you money, while providing exceptional performance. Call us at 1-518-218-7676

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CEP-4557 Kasi IR-480 2006 12 Head
Don't miss this 2006 Kasi IR 480 Infrared Asphalt Heater for sale! Less than 100 hours! Call us today 518-218-767

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CEP-4583 International 7300 2010 4 Yards Used
Used 2010 International Patch Truck for sale, on PavementGroup.com! Call today 518-218-7676. Runs great with cold a/c! Automatic transmission on this asphalt patch truck!

CEP-4580 Falcon Dump 2012 4 TON Used
2012 Falcon 4 Ton Dump HotBox

CEP-4556 Crafco EZ-1000 2014 1000 GAL
Used 2014 Crafco EZ 1000 Crack Kettle For Sale, Call us 518-218-7676, Visit us PavementGroup.Com

CEP-4584 Crafco SS-125 2015 125 GAL Used
Used Crafco Super Shot 125 Melter For Sale, 518-218-7676, Call Today 518-218-7676! This machine has been well kept - Just serviced this season!

CEP-4581 SR-300 2018 300 Gal
2018 300 Gallon SealRite SR-300 on Trailer - Like New!

CEP-4563 Falcon 2 TON 2019 2-TON USED
2019 2-Ton Falcon Hot Box - available used or unused!

CER-2303 Garlock 300 G 1985 300 Gal Used
Used 300 Gal Garlock Kettle for Sale, Find what you need at PavementGroup.Com! 1985 Model, Fair Condition, Green Unit! Don't Miss out on this Beaut!

CER-2311 ASE 800 GAL
800 Gallon ASE Asphalt Kettle

CEP-3956 RJ-350
Broce Broom Sweepers

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UER-1196 Garlock 400 GAL
Don’t miss our Garlock 400 gal roof tar kettle with safety load lid. Kettle has been serviced, inspected and tested by a roofing kettle expert. Ships from NJ Call 518-218-7676

UER-1197 Garlock 400 GAL
Don’t miss our Garlock 400 gal roof tar kettle. Kettle has been serviced, inspected and tested by a roofing kettle expert. Ships from NJ Call 518-218-7676

CEP-4386 LeeBoy 8515C 2014
Leeboy 8515C

PG Megavibe-3372 FYL-D600 NEW Drum 16.7” New
PG Megavibe-3372 Vibratory Walk-Behind Roller

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Portable 50TPH Parallel Flow Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

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CEP-4571 Roadhog RH-2450 2012
Roadhog RH2450 Asphalt Milling Machine

CEP-4221 Bomag BW278AD 2010 Excellent
Vibratory Double Drum Roller

Z-Bloc ZorbsMORE
Z-Bloc Dust Suppressant is bio-based, safe, and non-toxic! It builds on itself, improving performance with each application. You get exceptional dust control, and it's safer and less costly than CaCL2! Environmentally sound and non-toxic - safe to handle!

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Z-Pellets ZorbsMORE
Z-Pellets, Industrial Absorbent Pellets by ZorbsMORE. Industrial strength Absorbent, safe, non-toxic. Absorbs water from your wet, dredged sediment, with zero water release! Environmentally sound and non-toxic, safe to handle

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CF4P15-SG PavementGroup MCF4 NEW 20 Ton Each
Four bin, mobile cold feed bin system with conveyor belt.

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K-Pat-2 Kasi Patriot-2 NEW 48 SQ FT NEW
This is a NEW 2 TON Patriot Heater Reclaimer Combo for Sale! With a 2-Ton capacity, this infrared asphalt reclaimer and combo infrared heater will restore many asphalt defects! All on the same truck!

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K-ProMin Kasi Proheat NEW 48 SQ FT NEW
This is a NEW 2 TON Proheat Minuteman Asphalt Reclaimer for Sale! With a 2-Ton capacity, this infrared asphalt reclaimer will restore many asphalt defects!

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This is a NEW 2 TON Truck Mounted Asphalt Reclaimer for Sale! With a 2-Ton capacity, the 2TRM is designed to maintain hot asphalt for 2 whole days!

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K-IR-300 Kasi IR-300 NEW 30 SQ FT NEW
This is a NEW 30 SQ FT Trailer Mounted Infrared Heater for Sale! Due to it's maneuverability by hand, this unit is ideal for smaller paving jobs!

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K-Pat-4 Kasi Patriot-4 NEW 48 SQ FT NEW
This is a NEW 4 TON Patriot Heater Reclaimer Combo for Sale! With a 4-Ton capacity, this infrared asphalt reclaimer and combo infrared heater will restore many asphalt defects! All on the same truck!

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K-IR-480 Kasi IR-300 NEW 30 SQ FT NEW
This is a NEW 48 SQ FT Trailer Mounted Infrared Heater for Sale! The IR-480 will help you to restore all general asphalt defects, such as: Installing pavement texturing and Surface cracking and potholes!

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K-Pat-6 Kasi Patriot-6 NEW 48 SQ FT NEW
This is a NEW 6 TON Patriot Heater Reclaimer Combo for Sale! With a 6-Ton capacity, this infrared asphalt reclaimer and combo infrared heater will restore many asphalt defects! All on the same truck!

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K-120SH-6x2 Kasi 6 x 2 New
Infrared Joint Heater 120SH 6x2

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K-120WB-4x3 Kasi 4x3 New
Our Kasi 120WB, is a walk-behind Asphalt Joint Heater with a 4'x3' infrared panel. The stainless steel chamber outperforms all others. Propane fired, 12 volt system. Call today.

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K-Vibco-GR-3200 Vibco NEW 24 Inch New
GR-3200 Walk Behind 24" Rollers available at WHOLESALE prices, hydrostatic drive, We ship worldwide. Free Shipping in the USA (Lower 48) Call 1-518-218-7676 or 888-999-2660.

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