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Z-Bloc Dust Suppressant

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Overview: Z-Bloc Dust Suppressant is bio-based, safe, and non-toxic! It builds on itself, improving performance with each application. You get exceptional dust control, and it's safer and less costly than CaCL2! Environmentally sound and non-toxic - safe to handle!


Z-Bloc Soy-Based Dust Suppressant

  • Z-Bloc is a highly effective, bio-based dust suppressant which binds dust particles, making them far too heavy to go airborne
  • It’s safe to handle and quite cost effective
  • Z-Bloc penetrates up to 3″ and works better with each application
  • Therefore, it significantly reduces the use of water, truck fuel, labor, and vehicle wear
  • Unlike Calcium Chloride dust treatment, Z-Bloc doesn’t run off or endanger waterways and fisheries
  • Z-Bloc dosage and concentration depends on the level and source of dust
  • When treating stone and gravel surfaces, a full concentration may be used, which will provide months of long-lasting dust suppression
  • In construction sites, quarries, and long stretches of country roadways, Z-Bloc is diluted with water
  • A base coat is laid at a 10-1, water to Z-Bloc ratio, and 20-1 for maintenance
  • Z-Bloc performs from the first spray down and builds upon itself with each successive dose
  • Z-Bloc continues to perform, long after the water has evaporated.

Safe & Biodegradable

  • Z-Bloc is almost completely soy based, so you know it’s safe to handle and apply!
  • Even the USDA recommends!
  • Calcium and magnesium chloride are effective, but are water soluble, leading to contaminated streams and waterways with wash away
  • Z-Bloc supports US agriculture, it’s a soybean oil! Thus, it’s biodegradable and even a renewable resource

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Product Details

Product Details

Category Dust Suppression
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Product Name Z-Bloc Dust Suppressant
Product ID Z-Bloc
Manufacturer ZorbsMORE
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