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Z-Pellets Industrial Absorbent Pellets

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Overview: Z-Pellets, Industrial Absorbent Pellets by ZorbsMORE. Industrial strength Absorbent, safe, non-toxic. Absorbs water from your wet, dredged sediment, with zero water release! Environmentally sound and non-toxic, safe to handle


Z-Pellets HIGH PEFORMANCE Industrial Absorbent

  • Z-Pellets infuse fibrous renewables with a select population of super-absorbent polymers using a patented blending process
  • Z-Pellets solidify and absorb 6X-14X for liquids and sludges with zero water release
  • Landfill Ready
  • Z-Pellets significantly reduce absorption-solidification project costs
  • Superior performance means less material used, less handling, and less hauling required
  • This results in significant cost savings for our customers
  • 300% Better Performance than wood pellets
  • 33% Less Expensive per cubic yard of solidification
  • 66% Less Handling & Hauling
  • Just 1-ton of Z-Pellets treats 1,500 gallons of liquid versus 3-tons of wood pellets
  • For every bag of Z-Pellets, you’ll need 3 bags of wood pellets
  • Even bigger savings are realized on the project cost side
  • That’s because every bag of pellets is generally handled 5 times
    • Unload from truck, put bag in storage
    • Pick bag up and move it to jobsite staging area
    • Load bag to fork-lift for load-out
    • Climb up to cut bag open
    • Remove bag

Environmentally Friendly

    • Z-Pellets are 90% – 95% NATURAL
    • Portland Cement is Caustic
    • CKD has Efficacy Concerns
    • Lime is HIGHLY CAUSTIC, even when diluted it's Strongly Alkaline
    • Fly ash is a known CARCINOGEN
    • Z-Pellets have 0 Environmental Concerns! Performance is on the order of 30X better than any of these old-school methods

For Details & Ordering Call 518-218-7676

Product Details

Product Details

Category Absorption & Solidification
New/Used? New
Product Name Z-Pellets Industrial Absorbent Pellets
Product ID Z-Pellets
Manufacturer ZorbsMORE
Shipping Dimensions
Lbs KG
Weight 0.00 0
Inches Feet Cm
Length 0.00 0.00 0.00
Width 0.00 0.00 0.00
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