Used Drums/Dryers

Used Drums/Dryers 

Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
CEP-4060 Barber Greene DM-50 15K GAL
Barber-Greene DM50 Portable Drum Mix Plant With Gen-Set

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CEP-4058 RBTX-721 2000 400-TPH
400 TPH Mixing Drum

CEP-4036 40 x 7 400TPH
400 TPH Boeing Drum Plant

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CEP-3999 CF DRYER 6 x 28
Sand/Aggregate Drying Package

CEP-3959 (2) 75 HP Motors 10' X 40'
Gencor Aggregate Counterflow Dryer

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CEP-3919 100MBTU
Pioneer Portable Asphalt Drum Plant

CEP-3907 Astec 400TPH
400 TPH Astec Dryer & Drum Mixer Plant

Maxxim Asphalt Drum 450 tph


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