Asphalt Distributor Trucks & Trailers


Distributors Trucks & Trailers - Our truck and trailer mounted asphalt distributors are built for efficient and accurate heating, hauling, storage and spray application of AC, asphalt cement and emulsions. Ideal for applying bitumen and emulsions to roadways, parking lots and base stabilization projects of all sizes. Their highly efficient design makes for affordable operation, while providing precision spraying of bitumen, emulsion and tack coating materials. Our distributors allow you to choose tank capacity, heating system, spray bar width and other configuration options.

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Product Id Manufacturer Model Year Size Condition
DTD-1200 Seaman Gunnison DTD-1200 NEW 1200 GAL New
NEW 1200 Gallon dbl axle trailer mounted distributor, insulated, hydraulic powered with computer monitoring system

DTD-3200 NEW 3200 GAL New
3200 Gallon Distributor Truck

DTD-2550 NEW 2550 GAL New
2550 Gallon Distributor Truck

DTD-2100 NEW 2100 GAL New
2100 Gallon Distributor Truck

DMT-1000 PavementGroup DMD-1000 NEW 1000 Gal New
Asphalt Distributor 1000 Gallon Trailer Mounted, Perfect for chip seal applications, AC Spray System Option Available. IN STOCK!

DMT-600 PavementGroup DMD-600 NEW 600 GAL New
Asphalt Distributor 600 Gallon Trailer Mounted, Perfect for chip seal applications, IN STOCK!

DMT-400 PavementGroup DMD-400 NEW 400 GAL New
Asphalt Distributor 400 Gallon Trailer Mounted, Perfect for chip seal applications, IN STOCK!

Our tailgate mounted chip spreaders, deliver stone aggregate from the dump truck to the adjustable feed-gate, for full application rate control. 518-218-7676


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